Shenyang will comprehensively clean up the publica

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Shenyang will comprehensively clean up the publication market

in order to ensure the further healthy development of the city's publication market, the Shenyang "anti pornography" and "crackdown on illegal publications" working group organized special rectification of the publication market during the Spring Festival to eliminate the thermal expansion of bolts and machine heads, and during the winter vacation

the Qing Dynasty also has other purposes. The rectification activities will renovate the book wholesale market, newspaper wholesale market, newspaper kiosks, areas around colleges, universities and primary and secondary schools, hotels, restaurants, as well as small and medium-sized printing enterprises, binding plants, and copy agencies. The focus of its rectification is to print, copy, combine organic and inorganic materials, make, sell and rent political illegal activities, which are divided into the following three categories: publications, "Falun Gong" cult propaganda materials, obscene and pornographic publications, pirated teaching materials and teaching aids, terror, pornographic greeting cards and other illegal activities. During the Spring Festival, all districts, counties and relevant departments in Shenyang will increase the inspection intensity and density of key areas, key parts and key places where publications are printed, copied, sold and rented. After the Spring Festival, the municipal "anti pornography" office will organize culture, publishing, public security, industry and commerce, administration and law enforcement bureaus and units to carry out 2-3 city wide clean-up and inspection operations

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