Shenyang Yitong molybdenum concentrate powder dryi

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Shenyang Yitong molybdenum concentrate powder drying equipment of Northeastern University has been put into industrial application to avoid the state of electric leakage at the time of application. Based on the rotary flash dryer, Shenyang Yitong entrepreneurial technology company of Northeastern University has made corresponding changes to the rotary flash section and drying section of the rotary flash dryer according to the characteristics of molybdenum concentrate powder, developed the molybdenum concentrate powder drying equipment, and achieved good drying effect. The modified rotary flash torsion tension fatigue and other combined experimental machines can be verified with reference to jjg1136 ⑵ 017. The dryer has the functions of mechanical dispersion and particle size adjustment of dry materials. The equipment has large output, low energy consumption and adjustable moisture content. Instant drying ", the drying time is 1 ~ 5 seconds, the product is not overheated, the quality is uniform, and the fluidity is good. The system is closed without pollution, and the yield is> 99%. Molybdenum concentrate powder is added to the drying equipment through the double screw feeder, and then mixed with hot air after entering the drying host. The material forms granular fluidization under the action of hot air and mechanical dispersion force, and exists in the hot air in a highly dispersed state. Molybdenum concentrate is fully mixed with hot air, and the heat and mass exchange is completed in an instant. The drying process is fast and sufficient. The mixed gas-solid fluid passes through the collector, and the molybdenum concentrate is collected to obtain powdered products. The wet waste gas is discharged by the fan, and the whole process is controllable. The dried molybdenum concentrate powder enters 3. Density: roasting in rotary kiln

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