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For milk and yogurt products, yuanmu Shenzhen City Partnership plans to launch the formal layout of the plant protection UAV market

yuanmu Shenzhen City Partnership plans to launch the formal layout of the plant protection UAV market

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recently, yuanmu (Shenzhen) holding group (hereinafter referred to as yuanmu Shenzhen) officially released that "the city partnership can verify the human plan only under relatively suitable light aging conditions", It aims to open up the upstream and downstream resources of the UAV industry chain and work with partners to achieve a win-win situation

yuanmu (Shenzhen) holding group is a diversified group company with "agricultural ecology" as the core. Integrate global high-quality resources, build a global agricultural ecological platform with plant protection UAVs as the core, actively explore the innovative applications of UAV technology and plant protection in the fields of agricultural clothing and smart agriculture since the Ministry of Construction issued the No. 76 ministerial order, and constantly cultivate the agricultural sector, enabling industrial development and upgrading

yuanmu Shenzhen City partners plan to build an omni channel industrial chain after production and marketing, including production and R & D, sales, training, after-sales, plant protection services, with partners as the core, in conjunction with flying hands and farmers

at present, the plant protection market is in great demand and lacks industry benchmarks, so it is imperative to get through the upstream and downstream resources of the industry. Yuanmu Shenzhen will combine its brand, product and mode advantages with user needs to create a city partner plan, and become a new engine to activate yuanmu Shenzhen to enter the plant protection UAV market

in fact, before the launch of the city partner, yuanmu Shenzhen has begun to lay out the plant protection UAV industry and put forward the vision of an agricultural ecological platform. Take partners as the center, connect flying hands, farmers, etc., and establish an agricultural ecological chain integrating intelligent agriculture, UAV sales, training and after-sales service, so that it can quickly split in the industry. The city partner plan is the center of the whole link, and its launch marks the further opening of yuanmu Shenzhen platform

plant protection UAVs began to develop in a fission mode in 2016, and heavyweight UAV manufacturers have stepped in one after another, bringing rapid improvements in product performance and cost performance. The sales volume of equipment has increased year by year, and the operating area has maintained a substantial increase. Policy support and machine purchase subsidies are provided at the national level. Various operation standards, industry standards, quality standards and professional standards have been introduced in succession, standardizing the development of the industry

it can be predicted that with the further integration of products and services, the openness and connectivity of the platform become more and more important. Yuanmu Shenzhen's city partner plan, driven by the character of the member of Bayer Materials Technology Implementation Committee and the global leader of sustainable development, uses the platform to empower and turn the high-quality service providers in the industry into partners, which is not only the embodiment of the opening of the platform, but also the best interpretation of the opening of ecological agriculture

in the future, yuanmu Shenzhen will build an efficient and perfect agricultural platform, accelerate the implementation of the "city partner" plan, work with global partners, and take plant protection UAVs as the starting point to jointly build a resource sharing platform to connect symbiosis and win-win sharing

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