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Shenyang Ziquan Packaging Co., Ltd. officially opened

in October, Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone, according to the understanding of No. 8 Road, decorated with lights, red and green. On the 22nd, Shenyang Ziquan Packaging Co., Ltd. held a grand opening ceremony. Mr. zhangfuqing, Deputy Secretary General of the Shenyang municipal government, came to the venue in person. Qian Jin, full-time vice president and Secretary General of the China Packaging Technology Association, made a special trip from Beijing to congratulate him. Zhou hang, deputy director of the Management Committee of Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Zhang Shuzhong, general manager of China Resources beer Northeast Group, Zhang Hua, vice president of Zijiang group Guo Feng, chairman of Zijiang Enterprise Group Co., Ltd

Shenyang Ziquan Packaging Co., Ltd. is a joint venture established by Shanghai Ziquan Packaging Co., Ltd., the largest bottle cap company in China, and kunshida investment (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. with a total investment of US $20million and an annual output of 5billion bottle caps. The plan is to be implemented in three to five years. The first phase has invested US $7million. Japan's most advanced iron printing machine and coating machine have been introduced, and the supporting capacity of iron printing reaches 5billion, The introduction of Italian ptc027 punch press, PM C250 double circle molding production line, inp52 foaming molding machine and the first PM C250 production line in place at the beginning of next year will reach the production capacity of 2billion bottle caps per year. Because the imported printing and capping equipment are basically the most advanced equipment in the world, for example, the pm250 equipment is equipped with CVs monitoring quality system to detect the quality of bottle caps, so, It can fully meet the demand for high-grade bottle caps in northern China, and it must not violate the specifications. After the investment in the first phase of the project reaches the expected effect, the company will continue to expand its investment, and finally form a scale with an annual output of 5billion bottle caps

Shenyang Ziquan is invested and controlled by Shanghai Ziquan Packaging Co., Ltd. Shanghai Ziquan was founded in September, 1993. The first phase investment is 3million US dollars, equivalent to more than 20 million yuan. The existing assets reach 200million yuan, an increase of 10 times. The annual output of bottle caps is expected to reach 3.5 billion from 130million in 1993 (excluding Shenyang Ziquan), an increase of nearly 2.7 billion in eight years. By the end of September this year, a total of 16billion bottle caps have been sold in eight years, making it the fastest-growing bottle cap production enterprise in China

the development of traditional bottle caps began with the use of scrap from tinplate and single punch. For a long time, many enterprises in China have recognized its practical value from its legal price. Therefore, the traditional concept of seriously restricting the development of bottle caps has made most domestic cap making enterprises stay in small-scale workshop production, which has rapidly opened a gap with China's rapidly developing beer and wine industry

Ziquan doesn't think so. Zhou Jiebi, general manager of Shanghai Ziquan company, believes: "As a key component of a bottle of beer or beverage, the grade of the bottle cap will directly affect many aspects. First, the lower cap should be unblocked, which is related to the improvement of users' production efficiency and the reduction of wine damage. Second, the bottle cap has strong wear resistance, which is related to prolonging the time of bottle cap rust. Third, the gasket has no odor, which is related to the taste of beer and beverage. Fourth, the appearance should be exquisite, which is related to the bottle cap and beer Market image of the brand. Fifthly, the tightness is good to ensure the freshness of beer during the shelf life. In these sense, the bottle cap must be high-grade. "

it is precisely because of this concept that Shanghai Ziquan has set the corporate purpose of "developing enterprises from a high starting point, designing products with high grade, organizing production with high efficiency, and returning to the society with high quality". It is with ambition to make bottle caps and create brands in a down-to-earth manner. Starting from a small bottle cap, it takes the establishment of a first-class packaging enterprise as the development goal of the company. It has been eight years of entrepreneurship and made a big article, The first one has been recognized by Coca Cola and Pepsi bottle caps at the same time, and has become their designated supplier in Chinese Mainland; The first company in the same industry has passed ISO9002 quality system certification; The first company introduced ptc027 large punch and took the lead in adopting large sheet iron cover; The first CVS quality monitoring system to introduce bottle cap detection; The first company applied chromium plated iron to beer bottle caps in large quantities and successfully solved the problem of easy rust of chromium iron; It is the first one to use non PVC materials to make bottle caps, which has been recognized by Coca Cola, and the first one to become a listed company in the same industry in China

with the imminent accession to the WTO, Shanghai Ziquan and Shenyang Ziquan are facing new situations. As the general managers of the two companies, President Zhou told the Asia Pacific that after all, technical problems have been broken through one by one. There are bottle cap manufacturers and marketers with an annual output of 5billion or even 10billion in the region and other developed countries. They are sure of China's huge beer and beverage market. After the domestic market is further opened, the competition for bottle caps, like other industries, will be more intense, and the only way to maintain our national industry is to speed up our own development and enhance our competitiveness and strength. It is precisely in view of this starting point that the recent development goal of Ziquan bottle caps is to achieve the production and sales of 5billion bottle caps next year on the basis of the production and sales of nearly 4billion this year, Become a well-known enterprise in the bottle making industry in the Asia Pacific region, and then increase the development rate of 1billion bottles every year, striving to use five years, "said Hu Qianlin, Deputy Secretary General of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation and director of the Department of science and technology and equipment, stepping into the threshold of an annual output of 10 billion bottles and becoming a world-class capping enterprise

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