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Sanren machinery cleans the oil dirt on the guide rail surface and sliding surface of the equipment: actively layout the overseas market. The enterprise has been established for half a year, and its products are exported overseas.

recently, in the production workshop of Hunan Sanren Machinery Co., Ltd., a brand-new concrete laser paving and leveling machine is being quickly debugged. Soon, the equipment will be transported to the construction site in Nigeria for local road construction. Four sets of equipment, a total of more than 2 million yuan, although the transaction is not large, the cause of fatigue damage can not be found, but this is the first order of enterprises to Africa, which means the opening of a new market

in the production workshop of Sanren machinery, technicians are debugging the equipment

not only that, the cooperation between Sanren machinery and Algeria is also under negotiation. As a start-up enterprise, Sanren machinery has developed into a leading construction machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprise in Central China with laser leveler and wall plasterer in less than two years by virtue of its excellent technical advantages, innovation ability and accurate market positioning

intelligent products

can adapt to different operating environments

"no matter how large the opponent is, as long as the entry point is accurate enough, there is no market that cannot be prized because of the restrictions of oil source flow and host structure." Before founding Sanren machinery, Zhang chongke, chairman of Sanren machinery, was the general manager of Sany overseas business department and senior vice president of Sany group. He once worked in Sany overseas market. With more than 20 years of overseas work and management experience, he has traveled to nearly 100 countries around the world and is one of the first batch of overseas market developers in China

Zhang chongke, chairman of Sanren machinery (first from the left)

at the end of 2016, Zhang chongke resigned from Sany and founded Sanren machinery. In his opinion, the previous field of floor machinery is too traditional and conservative, and there has not been much improvement and improvement over the years. There is still a lot of room for improvement in human-computer interaction, automation, intelligence and so on. Enterprises will have great potential to focus on this

after capturing the good market prospects of this market segment, Zhang chongke went all out. Soon, in March 2017, Sanren machinery developed its first product, SR-2 concrete laser leveling machine. Among them, the enterprise's original light loss and anti blocking system has made the products gain a good reputation in the market. With this system, when the laser light source is lost due to special working conditions, the equipment can operate normally without its influence and adapt to different working environments. In addition, with the intelligent fault detection system, the construction personnel can quickly eliminate machine faults according to the alarm position, so as to improve the construction efficiency

"at present, compared with the traditional leveling method, our mechanical products can save half of the manpower and improve the work efficiency by 6 to 10 times." Zhang chongke said that at present, the quality of the floor machinery industry is uneven, and it is urgent to establish an industry benchmark. The goal of the enterprise is to strive to be an industry benchmark

adhere to innovative thinking

the domestic and foreign markets are making concerted efforts

at present, Sanren machinery products have been sold to Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi, Yunnan and other provinces and cities, and have won industry praise for their excellent product performance and services. On the other hand, enterprises are also accelerating the introduction of new products. "It is conceivable that the launch of these products will surprise the market." Zhang chongke said that without innovative thinking, these will never become a reality

it is worth mentioning that Sanren machinery has a rare elite R & D team from Sany Heavy Industry in China, and its R & D and innovation capabilities are second to none in the country. The education, quality and experience of the team itself determine the international vision of the company's leadership

Zhang chongke said that although Sanren machinery was established less than two years ago, at the beginning of its establishment, the enterprise had already set a development strategy to focus on both domestic and overseas markets, because this chip has no internal clock. In June last year, Sanren machinery extended its business to Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar and other Southeast Asian countries. In June this year, it officially set up offices in Nigeria and Algeria in Africa

Zhang chongke has a very clear plan for how Sanren machinery should move forward steadily in the future. "Hunan radiates across the country, while entering overseas markets such as Asia, Africa and Latin America, and grabbing the market with internationally renowned brands." Although such a goal is difficult for a start-up, it is not out of reach for Zhang chongke. "Because Sanren machinery has a technical team based on innovative thinking, it has a good chance of winning the competition with domestic and foreign brands with advanced products."

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