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Sanxin Co., Ltd. plans to establish a solar glass joint venture

Shenzhen Sanxin special glass technology Co., Ltd. plans to form 2 The jaw quality is inferior, and a solar glass company is established, with an investment of 10. 500 million yuan

Sanxin announced on July 21 that it would jointly invest with Bengbu Glass Industry Design and Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as Bengbu Design Institute) to establish Bengbu Sanxin solar photovoltaic glass Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Bengbu Sanxin), and Sanxin contributed 7% in cash. 3.5 billion yuan, accounting for 70% of the total registered capital, and the rest is funded by Bengbu Design Institute

the main business of Bengbu Sanxin will be the production and sales of oxygen burning ultra white solar glass, while the production and sales of deep-processing glass can be supplemented by national standards. The proposed registered address is in China Glass New Material Technology Industrial Park, Longzihu District, Bengbu City, which is also difficult to determine

Sanxin Co., Ltd. said in the announcement that the investment in the establishment of Bengbu Sanxin aims to give full play to the respective advantages and strengths of Bengbu Design Institute and the company, march into the depth and breadth of their respective industrial chains, work together in the field of solar energy applications, and build a solar glass production enterprise with strong market competition, which also provides strong support for aluminum Shandong enterprises to improve the research and utilization capacity of high-end materials and a certain scale

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