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Application of Sanwang Communication Industrial Ethernet switch in SBR Sewage Treatment Process

in the process of industrial development, environmental protection has become more and more important. With the rapid development of industry and the deterioration of the environment, people's requirements for sewage treatment are increasing, and the process of sewage treatment is becoming more and more complex. The degree of automation of its control process is becoming more and more important, which also seriously affects the effect of the treatment process

I. project introduction

sequencing batch reactor (SBR) method for short is an improvement of early charge discharge reactor. With the improvement of automatic control level, people pay more attention to SBR method, and conduct more in-depth research and improvement on it. Since the first SBR treatment equipment in China was put into operation in 1985, it has been widely used in the treatment of industrial sewage and urban sewage

the basic operation process of SBR process consists of five basic processes: water inflow, reaction, sedimentation, water outflow and idleness. From the inflow of sewage to the end of idleness, a cycle is formed. In each cycle, the above processes are carried out in a reactor equipped with aeration or mixing devices. The SBR process system is simple in composition, without secondary sedimentation tank. The aeration tank has the function of secondary sedimentation tank, and there is no sludge reflux equipment. SBR has the advantages of high efficiency, good dehydrogenation and phosphorus removal effect, strong anti sludge bulking performance, strong impact load resistance and strong treatment capacity

in order to meet the requirements of automatic control in sewage treatment, we choose ies-526 series redundant Ethernet switches with high performance and high reliability to form a redundant ring

II. Network topology

III. scheme features

Sanwang communication ies-526 Jinan experimental machine factory Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. reminds you that a series of industrial Ethernet switches form a redundant ring topology. Ies-52 is a component for measuring experimental force. 6 has a good redundant loop function. The self-healing time under full load is less than 300ms, and supports network management function and redundant power supply function, which greatly enhances the reliability and real-time performance of the system

the ring topology is convenient for engineering expansion and maintenance, with high safety performance. It can support 100 devices to form rings at the same time. The optical fiber interface is divided into two modes: redundancy and ordinary direct connection. The redundancy mode is a master-slave structure

support six 10Base-T/100base TX adaptive Ethernet interfaces (full duplex and half duplex), and two 100base FX multi-mode/single-mode redundant optical fiber interfaces that focus on the development of medical imaging and diagnostic nano materials, rare earth scintillation crystals and high-performance detector device industrialization technology duplex, and the electrical interface supports mdi/mdi-x automatic connection

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