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Sany 6S store set off a new revolution in construction machinery service

Sany 6S store set off a new revolution in construction machinery service

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Guide: from March to April this year, Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. opened three 6S stores in Nanjing, Chongqing and Chengdu. So far, Sany has put six 6S stores into operation in China, including 6S stores in Guangdong, Xinjiang and Hubei. Not only that, the future of Sany plan

from March to April this year, Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. successively opened three 6S stores in Nanjing, Chongqing and Chengdu. So far, Sany has put six 6S stores into operation in China, including 6S stores in Guangdong, Xinjiang and Hubei. Moreover, Sany plans to open 26 6S stores nationwide in the next 1 to 2 years. At that time, not only the Sany products that have been sold everywhere can enjoy convenient maintenance nearby, but customers all over the country can also fully feel the "one specialty, one stop worry free" service of Sany 6S store. This undoubtedly set off a new service revolution in the construction machinery industry

innovation of traditional marketing mode

due to the particularity of construction machinery products, customers used to buy products mostly based on peer recommendations and the description of marketing representatives. It is difficult to buy their own products in person, let alone experience the product performance in person, and it is inconvenient to repair and maintain the equipment after purchase. How to solve this problem? Sany has found a breakthrough in the marketing model of automobile 4S stores

automobile 4S store is an automobile franchise mode integrating automobile sales, maintenance, accessories and information services, with the advantages of beautiful shopping environment and sufficient product display. After fully absorbing the essence of the sales service mode of 4S stores in the automotive industry and combining the characteristics of the construction machinery industry, Sany took the lead in introducing the concept of 6S stores in the industry. Compared with automobile 4S stores, Sany 6S stores, which integrate sales, spare parts supply, after-sales service, survey, product display and professional training, have a larger storefront (each 6S store occupies nearly 100 mu), and have more powerful marketing and service functions

the first store was suspected of hype

on March 18, 2006, Sany established Sany 6S store in YUNPU Industrial Park, Huangpu District, Guangzhou, known as "the first store of China's construction machinery", causing a sensation in the industry. At that time, Yi Xiaogang, the executive president of Sany Heavy Industry, said, "6S store is a major measure of strategic significance for Sany to build a world-class construction machinery brand. Through 6S store, various resources are integrated and optimized to become a bridge between Sany and customers, so that customers can enjoy one-stop worry free service. In the future, Sany will open 6S stores in major cities to provide customers with more considerate services." As the first enterprise in the industry to open a 6S store, it was more understood by peers as a concept hype. After all, this investment was very amazing, and it didn't seem necessary at that time. With the opening of many Sany 6S stores nationwide in recent years, everything advocated in the concept has become a reality, and peers and customers have to admire Sany's great efforts. Today, Sany Guangzhou 6S store has been in operation for four years. This new mode, which almost aligns the production workshop and storage warehouse with a square level with a precision of 0.05/1000 and moves the training center to the sales site, highlights the advantages of 6S store such as "product on-site display", "one-stop service" and "system solutions", which not only increases the sales in the region, but also stabilizes Sany's market position

good service is not only to meet the needs of customers, but also to exceed the expectations of customers

China's construction machinery market is huge. The identity of product customers is different, and they are not all experts in machinery. Therefore, many users urgently need a place that can provide learning methods of mechanical products, and the professional training provided by SANY 6S store fundamentally solves this problem. Sany 6S store regularly arranges professional engineers to provide systematic training for customers' employees in terms of equipment maintenance and scientific use. The program group of universal experimental machine software measurement and control system will appear in the initial program of the customer; The documents under the installation directory should mainly include: people have said that Sany 6S store has trained operators and technicians for them, so that technicians not only understand operation, but also equipment maintenance, which reduces the cost of their maintenance and spare parts, and brings them intangible profits

equipment repair and maintenance is the most important item in after-sales service. Sany 6S store has realized the "localization" and "permanent" of spare parts and service personnel, which greatly improves the response speed of service. Sany 6S store has a complete maintenance system and a sophisticated technical service team, providing round the clock door-to-door service

for customers, time is benefit. In the past, when customers needed a part, they had to wait for the manufacturer to deliver it from the remote headquarters, which was a huge cost for both manufacturers and customers. The accessories center of Sany 6S store will fully back up and stock the original accessories required by the products. When customers need accessories urgently, they will send them directly from the local Sany 6S store. Customers no longer have to worry about being unable to replace the original accessories in time and delaying the construction period. Yangjianmin, manager of Shaoguan Sanchuang Concrete Co., Ltd., had this experience: their pump truck needed accessories. They called Sany at noon, and the 6S store delivered and installed it in the afternoon. He said, "such a fast response speed completely exceeded my expectations."

the ultimate benefit of this revolution is customers

for any enterprise, it is not easy to make the service completely satisfactory to customers, because the service is endless. It is very difficult to change the service from "good" to "very good", and there will always be "better" after "very good". Sany 6S store is another leap of Sany service from "very good" to "better". Although the investment is huge, Sany's leadership always believes that it is worth it. Through better service to create value for customers and win-win with customers, the long-term development of the enterprise can be achieved

to be an enterprise, we should have courage, especially to be a big enterprise. In the increasingly fierce market competition environment, the 6S store mode created with a high strategic vision will become another distinctive banner for Sany Heavy Industry quality service 6) to adopt an open experimental standard configuration mode. This revolution will certainly lead to the improvement of the service level of the whole industry, and customers will undoubtedly become the ultimate beneficiaries

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