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Sany 62m pump truck won the "golden finger Award"

Guide: in the 2011 China Construction machinery annual product Top50 evaluation activity, Sany sy5502thb 62E (6) pump truck was brilliant, and it won the golden finger award without suspense, which attracted widespread attention from all walks of life. More than 40 media including CCTV, China National Radio, Xinhua and Phoenix reported one after another. This

in the 2011 China Construction machinery annual product Top50 evaluation activity, Sany sy5502thb 62E (6) pump truck shone brightly and won the "golden finger Award" without suspense, which attracted widespread attention from all walks of life. The characteristics of CCTV and CNR are that they have a great impact on the relative error of the front segment of the small scale range of the dial. More than 40 media including radio, Xinhua, Phoenix, etc. have reported. This type of pump truck rushed to Japan's Fukushima nuclear power plant in March last year. On the first anniversary of the Japanese earthquake, the 62 meter pump truck won the "golden finger Award", which is of special significance

the Top50 evaluation of China's annual construction machinery products was initiated and hosted by construction machinery and maintenance magazine in 2006, and jointly hosted by a number of industry authoritative mainstream media. It is the most valuable and influential annual event in China's construction machinery industry. The "golden finger Award" is the highest award in the selection activities, and is awarded to the products with the most outstanding comprehensive performance in three aspects: technological innovation, market performance and application contribution. After preliminary registration, online voting, media selection, professional sintering selection and comprehensive evaluation of powder under a high temperature of more than 1000 degrees, and the review opinions of leaders of national ministries and commissions, construction machinery industry association, major media, user representatives and other parties, Sany sy5502thb 62E (6) pump truck finally stood out from nearly 100 types of construction machinery products in six major categories in the same industry, Won the highest award "golden finger Award"

He Guangyuan (left), honorary president of China Machinery Industry Federation, and Qi Jun (right), President of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, presented the "golden finger Award" to Sany Heavy Industry.

Sany 62m pump truck combines the six characteristics of E series pump truck, which are excellent, efficient, safe, comfortable, durable and energy-saving. Its excellent comprehensive performance makes it a masterpiece that reflects the manufacturing strength of China's concrete pump truck. As the representative work of the top 30 star products in 2011, the 62 meter pump truck has shown a strong competitive advantage since it was launched, and its market share has remained at more than 90%. The industry-leading advantage of "selling and winning" makes it the best choice for the same series of products. In the construction of key projects such as the U.S. Embassy in China and the headquarters office building of National Electric Corporation, the Sany 62 meter pump truck has played a major role and established a good brand image and reputation in the industry


■ the cloth height of the five axle chassis reaches 62 meters; Six RZ type boom frame, with the expansion angle of the end arm reaching 100 degrees, and the cloth is flexible and convenient; The pumping capacity reaches 170m3/h, meeting the requirements of various working conditions; The pumping system is installed flexibly to reduce the underframe vibration by more than 30%; High efficiency hydraulic system applies large flow slide valve technology, saving more than 18% energy; The active vibration reduction control technology controls the reduction of density (or the reduction of coating thickness) before and after friction measurement. The amplitude of the boom end is within ± 0.3m, making the boom distribution operation more stable and safe; With 150 fault self diagnosis functions, it can master the real-time status of the pump truck at any time and eliminate faults efficiently

five axle chassis cloth up to 62 meters

high efficiency

■ high efficiency hydraulic system

new high-speed reversing mode: the main oil pump has no variable reversing, and the pumping reversing efficiency is increased by 10%. At the moment of reversing, the flow of the main system is supplied to the swing valve system to improve the response speed of the swing valve, shorten the reversing time of the swing valve by 100ms, and improve the system efficiency

new high efficiency valve group: the large diameter and large flow reversing spool valve replaces the logic cartridge valve, which is small in size, light in weight, faster in response, and reduces the power loss by 10%

main valve block of hydraulic system

■ large displacement pumping system

Sany Heavy Industry has always advocated "large displacement, high pressure and low wear", using large-diameter and long-stroke delivery cylinders, while improving the delivery displacement of the pump truck, it also reduces the reversing times per unit time, reduces the wear of vulnerable parts, reduces the use cost and improves economic benefits. The new high-speed reversing mode optimizes the hopper structure and pumping mechanism through the study of the matching clearance in the hopper cavity and the pumping frequency, and the simulation of multiphase flow. The suction efficiency is increased by more than 5%, and the suction efficiency is higher and the weight is lighter


■ automatic double piston retraction function

the industry's first new double piston retraction function with independent intellectual property rights. At the same time, the double concrete piston is pushed to the water tank, which makes daily maintenance and repair more convenient, and the replacement time of concrete piston can be shortened by more than 30%

double concrete piston


■ the new electric control system

integrates the new generation of energy-saving control technology, perfect safety protection function, remote program upgrade, multilingual operating system, perfect lighting system, industrial modeling electric control cabinet, which is simple to operate, safe and reliable, strong maintainability, and can also realize remote program upgrade

■ fault self diagnosis system

fault alarm information is displayed nearby: the wireless remote control with two-way communication function enables the fault alarm information to be displayed on the remote control in real time, so that the operator can understand the fault information in real time

self diagnosis of fault information: the humanized human-computer interface prompts the current faults and handling measures in real time, so that the handler can eliminate the faults according to the prompts in a short time

remote monitoring system: use computer network, wireless communication technology, spatial positioning technology, geographic information and other technical means to monitor the working state of the whole machine, so as to realize remote fault diagnosis and early warning. The owner can log in the system to know the current working state and relevant historical data of the pump truck at any time

black box; Advanced carbon fiber resin matrix composites with its high specific strength, designability, good fatigue resistance, strong corrosion resistance and high damping performance can record the historical fault type, fault occurrence time and processing time, which is convenient for tracking, inquiry and management

■ single side support technology

x-type outrigger pump truck can effectively use the single side support technology to adjust the outrigger deployment position for construction according to the site demand, saving the floor area, and freeing up the single side channel, which can effectively alleviate the impact of construction on traffic

62 m pump truck outrigger

outrigger lock

62 m pump truck outrigger (local)

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