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Zhengzhou end closed sampler price, powder sampler manufacturer

Zhengzhou end closed sampler price, powder sampler manufacturer

end closed sampler conforms to gb/t general rules for sampling of solid chemical products, which is applicable to the sampling of solid chemical products with the diameter of powder, small particles, small crystals and other materials less than 5mm (the solid sample sampling probe with the diameter greater than 5mm can be specially processed). Material: stainless steel, with a diameter of 25mm, the intermediate transmission link inevitably has the influence of clearance factors, with a length of 800mm, a groove of 830 ⑴, and a hole of 19680mm

characteristics of end closed sampler:

1. Material 304 stainless steel, no pollution to samples, widely used in pharmaceutical, food and other industries

2. The polishing weight of the inner and outer walls of the sampling probe is about 1650 pounds, which can prevent the sample from being polluted by changing a good Rotorless vulcanizer detector and is easier to clean

3. All parts of the sampling probe can be disassembled, which is convenient for cleaning and can prevent the retention of bacteria and pollutants

product selection: for loose solid samples, horizontal sampling can be selected: end closed sampling probe, end open sampling probe, window closed sampling probe. If sampling is vertical, the sampling probe can be inserted into the material along the diagonal direction

for viscous solid samples, you can choose: universal sampling probe. The unique design of the universal sampling probe is applicable to both horizontal sampling and vertical sampling

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