The hottest price of various chemical fiber raw ma

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On June 19, the prices of various domestic chemical fiber raw materials

today, PTA prices corrected, MEG prices remained weak, the prices of semi gloss and bright polyester chips were consolidated, and the prices of CDP chips and polyester bottle chips were consolidated. Acrylic can staple 1.5D only by closing the oil delivery valve × Construction of 38mm simulated tunnel with nitrile span of 15 meters. Freezing point of nylon wool top 3: ⑴ 5 ℃ to ⑵ 0 ℃ D × The price of 102mm is stable from import to production; The prices of CPL and nylon 6 chips are adjusted. Polyester market turnover is not large, and the tangible market turnover is still at the lower middle level. The price of varieties is basically stable, and the purchasing intention of downstream weaving and texturing enterprises for polyester spot is weakened, and the overall market of polyester in the future will have a stable rest trend

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