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Price reduction is the "general trend". The competition in the lithium battery diaphragm market is becoming increasingly fierce

among the four major materials of lithium batteries, the gross profit margin of diaphragm enterprises has been at a high level in the whole new energy industry due to high technical barriers

according to the data released by the above enterprises, the gross profit margin of the diaphragm Market in 2016 was generally as high as 30% - 60%. This is mainly due to the rapid expansion of the power battery market in 2016. Under the tightening of supply and demand, the price has been at a high level, and the capacity of large enterprises has been released

in the first half of this year, affected by the decline of new energy vehicle subsidies and the slowdown of market demand, the price of diaphragm products further decreased, and the operating revenue and gross profit margin of diaphragm enterprises also declined. Taking Xingyuan Co., Ltd. as an example, in the first half of this year, the operating revenue of Xingyuan material fell by 2.79% year-on-year to 247 million, the net profit fell by 23.74% year-on-year to 70.9173 million, and the gross profit margin fell by 10.5% year-on-year

the gross profit margin of other diaphragm enterprises also fell to varying degrees

in fact, since 2014, the price of lithium battery diaphragms has decreased year by year. On the one hand, with the continuous promotion of localization of diaphragms, the substitution of domestic diaphragms for imported diaphragms has accelerated, and the price of diaphragm products has decreased accordingly; On the other hand, diaphragm enterprises' capacity is constantly released, market competition is intensifying, and the relationship between supply and demand has shifted from the supplier's market to the buyer's current market. The bargaining power of diaphragm enterprises has also been weakened

in 2017, reducing costs has become a top priority for the development of the power battery industry. Car companies forced battery companies to reduce prices, and cathode materials rose sharply. In the face of unprecedented cost pressure, battery companies will naturally exert pressure on the upstream diaphragm industry. In addition, there is no load plus the strong demand for diaphragm companies to reduce prices in the negotiations

wangzhichun, general manager of newmee technology, pointed out that the price of dry process double pull has fallen significantly this year, especially the price of low-end production capacity will decline more, and the price of high-end production capacity is also declining, but the range is smaller. Of course, in order to seize the market, some new manufacturers are not only fighting the price war in the basic production link of a large number of industrial and agricultural products, but also the price pressure will be lower

the double dip of price and gross profit has brought about an increase in capital risk, while the decline in subsidies and the cost pressure and longer accounting period brought about by the subsidy standard of 30000 kilometers have further aggravated the financial risks faced by diaphragm enterprises. Nevertheless, the major diaphragm enterprises still act frequently. According to incomplete statistics, in the first quarter of 2017 alone, more than 10 diaphragm enterprises announced plans to invest and expand production, and the scale of expansion was more than 10 million square meters

"in the short term, affected by the policy, the industry will inevitably fluctuate, but the general trend of new energy vehicle development will not change. With the policy becoming clearer and the market demand warming up, the company's orders have rapidly warmed up since the third quarter, and the performance in the second half of the year and the whole year is also relatively optimistic." Xingyuan should always clean the jaw, said Chen Xiufeng, chairman of the board

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