The hottest price of Vietnamese rubber on Septembe

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On September 27, Vietnam rubber price quotation

the recent market decline atmosphere is heavy, and the number of rubber transported to mang street port in Saigon, Vietnam is also decreasing; As a result, the amount of 3D printing technology for rubber number (SLA) in Mangjie area is scarce; Recently, the market rumors that the demand will start in the early stage of the National Day holiday, and the price in Mangjie area will rise with it. A small amount of local rubber resources have bred the enthusiasm of rubber merchants to cherish goods; Today, a small number of glue merchants 3L (150mm is recommended to be selected) carry out local self mention without tickets. "After 10 years of research and development, the price is still quoted at about 14000 yuan/ton, and there is no quotation for 10 # up to standard glue because of the scarce number.

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