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Yulin Chemical Co., Ltd. of the national energy group switched to the production of more than 6000 tons of mask raw materials

Yulin Chemical Co., Ltd. of the national energy group "took orders in the face of danger" in the wartime mode, and urgently switched to the production of polypropylene s2040 high-melt index spinning material, which is the raw material of medical protective products such as masks and protective clothing, to show the responsibility of central enterprises at critical moments according to the newly implemented insurance statistics caliber, and help win the battle of prevention and control of epidemic diseases. As of March 10, the company has produced 6030 tons of s2040 products

since the outbreak of COVID-19, masks have become a very scarce protective material for epidemic prevention and control. After receiving the task of producing mask raw materials, the company quickly organized technical forces to optimize the s2040 plan and started the commissioning of relevant equipment. On March 4, after the compounding agent and degradation agent required for s2040 production arrived at the factory, the company produced qualified products on the same day, realizing the one-time successful conversion of polypropylene product brand from S1003 to s2040

it is reported that the s2040 product produced by the company has passed the U.S. FDA (food and Drug Administration) and the national food safety standard plastic resin for food contact (GB 4806.) According to authoritative testing, about 900000-1million disposable surgical masks or 200000-250000 N95 medical masks can be made per ton. These high melt index spinning materials, polypropylene s2040, were successively sent to Shandong, Tianjin, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Hubei, Guangdong and other places

& with the development of construction profile industry in Nanhai, Guangya aluminum has a strong emergence emsp; The methanol downstream deep processing project operated and managed by the company is a major strategic project of Northern Shaanxi energy and chemical industry, and also the first important chemical project constructed by the national energy group in Shaanxi. The main report provides a variety of report printing interfaces, and the main products are polyethylene and polypropylene. The S1003 brand before this production change is ordinary wire drawing material, which is generally used to produce woven bags and other products. (lixiaohu weekend)

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