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Yutian Jinri printing and packaging machinery factory is the decorating development trend of the packaging industry 03:34 China Printing [Name: large, medium and small]

----- based on sincerity, win harmonious development with precision and create brilliance together

Yutian Jinri printing and packaging machinery factory is a designated enterprise specialized in R & D and production of printing and packaging equipment, with many years of experience and strong design innovation, development, research and production capacity. At present, the self-developed semi-automatic strapping machine, a representative product based on the strengths of each family, has formed a series of leading products and large-scale production. It is widely used in the binding process of government agencies, publishing institutions, carton factories, printing factories, bookbinders, paperboard merchants, factories and manufacturers, timber businesses, chemical businesses, postal services and other industries. The products sell well at home and abroad, and the international market is expanding. Through the use of customers, the work efficiency is significantly improved, and they are highly praised by users

the JRK series strapping machine produced by our factory is especially important for the strapping of cartons and cartons processing, printing, folding before binding, books, newspapers and other fields, and the benefit is significantly improved. The material used is PE tape, and the specification is 28. Its features: 1. It adopts a universal caster mechanism with brake, which is flexible and convenient to move. 2. Fast speed and high efficiency, 1.5 seconds to complete binding, automatic winding, automatic fastening and automatic cutting. 3. The operation is simple and easy to learn. It only takes 5 minutes to operate independently without training. 4. All parts are selected, processed and manufactured according to export requirements, with advanced technology and rigorous operation. 5. The operating systems are all electrically controlled, allowing safe, stable and reliable operation in a variety of different modes. 6. Each transmission mechanism is equipped with a lubricating device, with reasonable design, wear resistance and long service life. 7. The 2012 fully enclosed device is adopted, which is safe, dust-proof, low noise and convenient for maintenance. 8. The appearance is elegant, easy to operate, and more humanized. This machine can simplify enterprise management. It plays an important role in improving the internal comprehensive ability of the enterprise and the influence of the foreign business community. It is an ideal choice for the majority of friends in the printing and packaging industry

our factory has always been based on good faith, winning by excellence, developing harmoniously and creating brilliance, seeking truth from facts, taking customer development as our pride and customer prosperity as our prosperity. For the development of your career and the increase of benefits, we constantly challenge the limits of precision and honesty. The factory takes quality first, service first, reputation first, and always takes customers as the center for its service purpose. In order to better provide our customers with high-quality after-sales service, we have set up a special after-sales service department to track the whole process of the products from delivery to the effective service life of the products, established a product technical file management system, and assigned professional operation engineers to be responsible for the installation, commissioning, training and guidance of the equipment. Our products are guaranteed for one year, three years and lifelong maintenance. In the domestic market, the factory implements a timely maintenance system. In case of temporary failure of the machine, after receiving the customer's notice, the after-sales service people will guide the maintenance. If the power battery in 2017 is mainly 3 yuan 111 type and 523 type, it can be removed, and they will rush to the site for maintenance immediately. Let customers be satisfied and at ease

customers are the soil on which we live, and customers' needs are the source of our development and innovation. For the continuous expansion of our customers' strength, we will make continuous efforts and independent innovation, develop, develop and produce efficient products more suitable for customers' needs, play our own characteristics, create Chinese famous brands and go to the new world. All the employees of our factory always take the skill of one upmanship and strive for excellence as the driving force. Everyone has a skill, complements each other's advantages, cooperates with each other, makes overall consideration, produces reasonably and operates scientifically. We have the confidence and ability to create excellent and reliable products for customers' rights, and constantly meet customers' needs

for this reason, Yutian Jinri printing and packaging machinery factory sincerely welcomes new and old customers to come, call, write or e-mail to negotiate with us. Our factory will, as always, work hand in hand with new and old customers to create brilliance with high-quality service and reliable reputation guarantee

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