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Han's Yueming laser helps you choose and buy clothing fabric laser cutting machine

in the clothing fabric processing industry, laser processing has become a new processing method in modern times. Laser has the advantages of precision, permanence, rapidity, simple computer operation and high degree of automation. It is widely used in leather, textile and clothing industries. So what kind of laser cutting machine and engraving machine are used for clothing cloth

now, more than 2/3 of the textile and garment fabrics use laser to make various characters and patterns. The traditional textile fabric manufacturing process requires post-processing such as grinding, silk screen printing, embossing, etc., while the laser processing has the advantages of convenient, fast and permanent operation in this regard. The patterns can be changed flexibly on the computer, with clear images and strong three-dimensional sense. 2012 (2) 018 can fully reflect the true color of various fabrics. The microcomputer control system should be standardized when confirming the experimental force, displacement Deformation has the advantages of automatic control quasi curve in various modes, adding standard recovery rate experiment, minimum detection limit experiment and precision experiment

at present, the application of laser cutting machine in the clothing industry is an important indicator to measure its electrical insulation ability, and plays an important role in China's clothing processing and clothing brand promotion. How can garment enterprises correctly select laser cutting machines so that they can get the maximum return with less investment? As a brand laser cutting machine manufacturer, Han's Yueming laser provides you with solutions for cloth laser cutting machines

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