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Yuchai heavy industry

Guide: vast universe, magnificent mountains and rivers, 22 years, vicissitudes. Facing the tide of world development, Yuchai heavy industry pursues the development of national enterprises and takes serving the country by industry as its own responsibility. It always adheres to the aggressive spirit of change to meet the endless challenges. Develop in competition, create brand in development

the vast universe, the magnificent mountains and rivers, what should be paid attention to when selecting impact testing machines? In the past 22 years, it has been possible to change the sea and the field. Facing the tide of world development, Yuchai heavy industry pursues the development of national enterprises and takes serving the country by industry as its own responsibility. It always adheres to the aggressive spirit of change to meet the endless challenges

develop in competition and create brand in development. Since its inception, Yuchai heavy industry has successively produced China's first full hydraulic excavator, China's largest tonnage full hydraulic excavator, China's first electric full hydraulic excavator, China's first full hydraulic marine excavator, China's first dajiangba front sewage cleaning excavator, China's first large tonnage full hydraulic grab, and China's first small hydraulic excavator. In more than 60 countries and regions around the world, the flag of "made in China" has been set up

in the past two years, Yuchai heavy industry group has fully implemented measures such as central control and step-by-step implementation to provide customers with first-class construction machinery products and services, realize the value sharing of the industrial chain, and establish four domestic bases based on Guangxi, Changzhou in the East, Luzhou in the West and Tianjin in the North, and preliminarily complete the national industrialization layout by combining new construction with M & A. With excavators as the core, Yuchai heavy industry has continuously enriched its product lines and expanded its production scale to the breadth and depth of construction machinery. With an annual production capacity of 30000 sets, we will spare no effort to build an "aircraft carrier" of large-scale construction machinery of the Chinese nation

for TONG1 automobile engine shell, building a first-class supply chain is an indispensable factor in the development of Yuchai heavy industry. 373 global suppliers strongly support the development of Yuchai heavy industry. In the construction of core suppliers, Yuchai heavy industry has successively established strategic cooperation relations with Donaldson, Rexroth, Doosan, Toshiba, Shantui, Hengli oil cylinder and many other international and domestic first-class parts suppliers in line with the concept of harmony and win-win results, so as to provide a solid guarantee for product quality. Yuchai heavy industry has a sales and service network all over the world. It has 69 domestic and foreign dealers and more than 1500 service stations. It has built the best marketing management platform in China. It has a first-class information network, a first-class call center and a first-class marketing management system with SAP system as the core and DMS and other systems as the auxiliary. It has formed a perfect and powerful sales and service network system to fight the front, the back and the arena, Provide solid support outside the showdown

high efficiency comes from reliability. It is suitable for creating value, and technology leads the future. Yuchai heavy industry has invested heavily in research and development. It has a national enterprise technology center, a provincial "Engineering Technology Research Center", a domestic first-class R & D base, more than 300 scientific researchers and more than 80 people with senior titles. It has successively won dozens of national patents, passed the CE certification of European authorities, undertaken a number of national and provincial major scientific research projects, and participated in the formulation of a number of national and industrial standards, Seek to build a first-class postdoctoral workstation in the construction machinery industry

if a worker wants to be good at something, he must first sharpen his tools. Yuchai heavy industry strictly implements the international standards for product equipment manufacturing process, and introduces advanced production equipment from Germany, Japan and China. Through the implementation of sap, hijit, PDM and other information systems, and the use of accurate and efficient modern management mode, Yuchai heavy industry has realized the circulation mode from parts feeding to finished products. Yuchai heavy industry pays attention to every link of quality. In order to produce the best products, Yuchai heavy industry has established strategic cooperative relations with many international first-class parts suppliers, greatly improved the production efficiency and zero guarantee the quality of mechanical and electrical work heat emitting parts, exceeded the international advanced level, and created the most complete product production chain in China! At the 2009 Beijing Construction Machinery Exhibition, Yuchai heavy industry launched many new products and held a grand press conference to celebrate its 20th anniversary, which was widely praised and concerned by the industry. In 2011, on the occasion of Yuchai's 60th birthday, Yuchai heavy industries again came to Beijing Construction Machinery Exhibition as scheduled. The new products of this Beijing exhibition include 24 different models, including yck360 wide body dump truck, CED shovel excavator, yc460lc-8 hydraulic excavator, yc420lc-8 hydraulic excavator, yc360blc high-altitude demolition machine, ycr180 rotary drilling rig, ycr260 rotary drilling rig, ych12 sliding loader, of which 22 are new products

over the years, the sales performance of Yuchai heavy industry has doubled continuously. The sales volume of excavators under 15 tons has ranked first in the industry for 22 consecutive years. In 2008, the sales volume exceeded 1billion yuan. In 2009, the sales revenue was 1.555 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 46%. In 2010, the sales revenue exceeded 2.5 billion yuan, and took the lead in leading the production and sales volume of national brands to exceed 50000 sets for the first time. In 2011, it successfully entered the top 50 global construction machinery enterprises, ranking 43rd, becoming the rising star of global construction machinery and the leader of national brand construction machinery

while winning the world-renowned honor, the social has always been hanging on the hearts of Yuchai heavy workers. Wenchuan earthquake, Tuojiang bridge collapse, southern snow disaster, Zhouqu debris flow... In the face of disasters, we can always see the selfless help of Yuchai heavy workers; The construction of Olympic venues, urban construction and rural reconstruction, as well as countless project sites, as long as they are needed by national construction, there is a solid background of Yuchai heavy workers

over the past 22 years, Yuchai heavy industry has been persisting in taking the Chinese culture as the foundation, providing customers with first-class construction machinery products and services, and providing customers with complete sets of construction equipment solutions as the sacred corporate mission to give back to the society and users. Looking ahead, Yuchai heavy industry will accelerate industrial upgrading, selectively enter the field of product diversification, and promote the pace of global industrialization. Under the guidance of the team spirit of "strong implementation, coordination, high performance and excellence", we are moving forward to the goals of "30 billion sales in 2015" and "building a world-famous brand of construction machinery"

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