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Nanfang electric Yunnan Qujing Luoping power supply bureau strengthens special operation and maintenance to reduce distribution failure

Nanfang electric Yunnan Qujing Luoping power supply bureau strengthens special operation and maintenance to reduce distribution failure

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original title: Nanfang electric Yunnan Qujing Luoping power supply bureau strengthens special operation and maintenance to reduce distribution failure

headline Qujing, Yunnan May 24 (correspondent liyuanyuan) recently, Nanfang Power Supply Bureau of Yunnan Qujing Luoping Power Supply Bureau won a gratifying report card in the special work of reducing the tripping rate of distribution failure. Compared with the month of 2018, the average outage time of distribution failure increased from 19. 5% From inspiration to use in the experiment, 06 hours/household was reduced to 5.89 hours/household, a decrease of more than half

"to reduce the tripping rate of distribution failure, the key is to do a good job in special operation and maintenance." Talking about the achievements, Jiang Shu, director of the distribution management office of Luoping Power Supply Bureau, said decisively that this is from the daily work

basic inspection quality control

Luoping Power Supply Bureau has a total of 110 10kV distribution lines, including 94 public lines. Since the institutional reform of "three unifications and two enhancements" in 2018, a total of 72 O & M personnel at four stations of the distribution management office are responsible for daily inspection and maintenance

in order to accurately understand the operation of lines, the distribution management office has made a plan to carry out a comprehensive inspection of all lines in order to find out the existing problems one by one. "Because patrol inspection is the most basic work of distribution management, the source of problems and the source of all operation items." The distribution management office is equipped with maintenance specialist Ji Qizhi

in order to ensure that the patrol inspection will not go through the motions, the distribution management office will track the whole process of the patrol inspection task of the day through the maintenance and repair management module in the 4A system - asset business application. The inspectors shall input the inspection task into the system in advance according to the plan, and ensure the inspection in place through the tablet GPS positioning during the inspection; For hidden dangers and defects found during inspection, inspectors shall take photos and record them in time and upload them to the system. "In this way, we can enter the system at any time to check whether the inspection is carried out as planned, whether we go to each base tower according to the inspection requirements, and timely record the problems found during the inspection." Chen Jing, the special person in charge of distribution management, said so

in addition to daily inspection, the distribution management office also strengthens the management of fault inspection. For the lines with fault tripping, even if the reclosing is successful, special patrol inspection should be carried out in time. This requires the help of another Patrol "sharp weapon" - UAV to improve the quality and efficiency of patrol inspection. "For the height that cannot be reached by human eyes and telescopes, the UAV can clearly capture the defects of line equipment." Chen Jing introduced that at the beginning of this year, the 10kV Jiulong line under the jurisdiction had a fault trip, and the staff failed to find the fault after several rounds of inspection. After using the UAV for inspection, the porcelain insulator defect on the top of the pole was soon found, and it is expected to complete the defect elimination of the line in the second half of this year

at present, the distribution management office has further tightened the plan management of patrol inspection. Starting from the annual plan, it has made plan classification for daily patrol inspection and special patrol inspection during major power supply guarantee period in advance, and then each station has broken down the quarterly, monthly and weekly plans according to the annual plan and recorded them into the system in advance. "The inspection is planned, arranged and purposeful without omission. Everyone has a correct understanding of the inspection work." Chen Jing said

In the middle of May this year, Luoping Power Supply Bureau carried out major repair and line transformation on the whole line and its branches of the 10kV Puli line under its jurisdiction. The length of the reconstructed line is about 13.5km. After this transformation, the fault tripping condition of the Puli line will be fundamentally improved. "Pu Li line was the third line in the number of households when Yunnan electric power company had distribution failure last year, and it was also the key line for distribution failure management of our bureau." Zhang Qiao, director of the work safety department of Luoping Power Supply Bureau, said

at the end of May, 2018, Luoping power supply bureau had carried out a comprehensive defect elimination work for the line. In one day, all maintenance personnel were concentrated to eliminate 251 hidden dangers and 80 defects

the reason why Pu Li railway can carry out defect elimination and related transformation in time is actually the result of effective inspection. After the comprehensive inspection, the power distribution management office classified the problem account according to the inspection results, formulated a special treatment plan according to the defects and hidden dangers of each line and the aging of the line equipment. 6. According to the crack data measured 24h after concrete pouring, the distribution management office reported the relevant items. "The strengthening of inspection management, together with the centralized management of hidden dangers and defects, has improved the coverage and accuracy of the line problem library, and unified export of problems, which is also very conducive to the pre arrangement and management of our later projects." Ji Qizhi said so

in addition to the Pu Li line, Luoping power supply bureau also plans to carry out major repair on 7 lines this year, and carry out large-scale centralized defect elimination and hidden danger treatment on more than 20 lines, which are lines with high fault trip rate in 2018. Through the mode of "one patrol, one governance, one focus and special governance", Luoping power supply bureau started from the source of the problem, unified management and technology, and promoted the effective improvement of distribution operation and maintenance work

help equipment owners to manage the field

in order to strengthen the quality of daily operation and maintenance of line equipment, Luoping power supply bureau also promotes the equipment owner management mechanism, which allocates distribution lines to relevant people for management by "contracting production to households", fully mobilize the initiative of equipment owners, and carry out specific management of line equipment in addition to the overall management of teams, stations and teams

"in the past, in the power supply station, the distribution o & M was basically managed by the deputy director in charge of the power supply station and the leader of the distribution team. The idea of O & M would be relatively limited. In addition, the employees were used to this big pot mode, had less thinking about the line O & M management, and would not actively participate in the management." Zhaoxueneng, deputy director of the power distribution management office, introduced that 94 distribution lines were allocated to 45 employees of 4 power distribution emergency repair classes according to their length and failure rate. The equipment owners were divided into AB angles to participate in all daily operation and maintenance work such as patrol inspection, defect elimination, hidden danger treatment and failure treatment of the lines under their management

the test is the heart of the equipment owner. The equipment owner is required to have a very clear grasp of the line equipment. From the special section of each line, the fault prone area to the installation of disconnectors and vacuum circuit breakers on several poles of the line, it should be kept in mind. In this way, the equipment owner can put forward a reasonable and effective treatment plan in time when finding the problems of the line. "Just like the land contract system, equipment owners should be 'responsible for their own profits and losses' for their contracted line equipment. Whether they have a good harvest or waste land depends on themselves." Zhaoxueneng said

there must be power under pressure. In order to encourage equipment owners to take good care of their "fields", Luoping Power Supply Bureau linked the management performance to their annual performance by setting indicators, and defined rewards and punishments. This has promoted the equipment owner to take the initiative, virtually improved the work attitude of the equipment owner, further clarified and standardized the daily operation and maintenance work, and promoted the continuous strengthening of management results

by laying a foundation, focusing on key points and giving strong assistance, Luoping Power Supply Bureau has comprehensively carried out the special treatment of two distribution lines with the number of households ranking among the top 10 of provincial companies in case of failure, such as 10kV Puli line and 10kV iron factory line. On a year-on-year basis, in 2018, the number of households with power failure on the Pu Li line decreased from 5344 to 219.46, and the number of households with power failure on the iron plant line decreased from 6480.72 to 1615.76. After the completion of the overhaul project at the end of the year, the fault tripping situation of the line will be further improved. Next, Luoping Power Supply Bureau will successively complete the treatment of lines with high failure rate and number of households in failure time within the Bureau, and it is expected to achieve the goal of reducing the failure rate of full distribution by 20% in 2019

10 kV Pu Li line overhaul and line reconstruction site. Photo by Yang Yue

according to the problem account classified during the inspection, Luoping Power Supply Bureau timely carried out a cable fault test and generally adopted the flash test method to solve the line problems. Photo by liyuanyuan

patrol control is in place to ensure patrol quality. Photographed by zhaojiayun

inspectors often need to climb the difficult mountain roads. Photographed by baijiabin

: zhouzhongqun

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