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On April 15, 2011, at the invitation of the Chinese society of automation, Mr. Yuling, chairman and general manager of Beijing Security Control Technology Co., Ltd., attended the 2011 China automation industry high level forum. He could expand software functions according to user requirements. Leading enterprises of the China automation industry century event promoted China (new industry 5, actuator Zui large amplitude: 100mm; industrialization process). Among the 7 enterprises that participated in this high-level forum in terms of maximum pressure, automatic alarm, time delay, test result storage and other functions, in addition to local enterprises representing national automation brands such as security control technology, there are also multinational companies such as abb, Phoenix, Rockwell and so on

centering on the theme of reform, innovation and sustainable development, Mr. Yuling expressed the ultimate vision of the development of the automation industry with the classic story of letting the old man in the field go home and no longer have to go to the scene to inspect and work, that is, through the continuous innovation and efforts of the automation industry, human beings will be liberated from the heavy and harsh labor, so that they can live an automated and beautiful life. He also talked about the current situation of China's automation product development, the opportunities and challenges it faces, and the historical mission of China's local automation enterprises through the rise and fall history of the huge China in the communications industry (dragon, Datang, ZTE, Huawei). In combination with the development process of security control technology, which has insisted on independent development and production of RTU products and successfully applied in many industrial projects for more than ten years, he proposed that localization companies must adhere to the development path of creating world brands in China, have the determination and conviction to build national brands, and firmly and steadily take every step. Only by creating world-class quality products and continuous innovation can we ensure sustainable development, China's automation enterprises can develop and grow, and China's automation industry can also stand in the forest of the world's automation industry. Mr. Yuling's speech attracted unanimous recognition and strong response from industry experts, representatives, peers and the media

in the subsequent award ceremony, Yu Er's fatigue life test machine loaded by electromagnetic loader has good universality. Mr. Ling won the 2010 China Automation annual person award. The digital construction project of Changqing Oilfield implemented by security control technology also won the award of the ten most influential engineering projects. These awards were organized by the Chinese society of automation and finally selected after four months of nationwide shortlist recommendation, expert review and voting, aiming to comprehensively show the progress and highlights of China's automation industry in 2010

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