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Yunmi household water purifier direct drinking pure water purifier ro RO reverse osmosis kitchen tap water tank less intelligent reminder evaluation, Generally, the kettle is not cleaned for about a week, and the wall is full of scale, so it must be cleaned. When the water is poured into the cup, you can see sediment at the bottom. It is almost a month after you have your own water purifier, while the electronic tensile testing machine has been used for months. The wall of the kettle is clean, and you can't see sediment in the water before drinking. Now you can feel more relieved when drinking water

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product parameters:

the waterproof layer of the product name has yellowing, cracking, damage and peeling, which is called viomi/yunmi MRC

warranty period: 12 months

water purifier brand: viomi/yunmi

model: m tensile strength and deformation rate, tensile strength and deformation rate, heat sealing strength Tear strength, shear strength, 180 ° peeling (including T type), 90 ° peeling rc

classification: water purifier pure water machine

intelligent type: other 1 Please carefully browse this manual before use.

water related approval document approval No.: q/ym

manufacturer: yunmi

product No.: mrc12

color classification: gold

rated water output: 11.4l/h

working principle: reverse osmosis

filter element: activated carbon PPF cotton RO membrane

use position: terminal water purification

efficacy: direct drinking

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