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What is the difference between aluminum alloy windows and plastic steel windows

with the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for the selection of doors and windows are also increasing. There are many kinds of doors and windows in the market. Is it better to use aluminum alloy windows for household windows, or plastic steel windows? Most owners have such doubts, but there are many aluminum alloy doors and windows on the market, and some of them choose aluminum alloy doors and windows, but is this really the case? Meishigu doors and windows has sorted out some little knowledge about plastic steel doors and windows and aluminum alloy doors and windows for you

what are the characteristics of plastic steel windows and aluminum alloy windows

plastic steel window: the outer layer of plastic steel window is mainly made of high-strength anti-oxidation plastic materials, and the inner part is supported by steel. Because the aluminum-plastic material does not conduct heat, and the joint of the equipment is well sealed, the plastic steel window has the characteristics of good sealing and heat insulation, good heat preservation effect, no deformation as a whole, and the surface is not easy to age. In the north, the wind and sand are heavy, and many families are closing their balconies, especially when improving the utilization rate of balconies and ensuring the temperature and cleanness of balconies, plastic steel windows have become the preferred products

aluminum alloy window: aluminum alloy window is the product that initially replaced steel window. Ordinary aluminum alloy sliding window takes aluminum alloy as the main material, and its sealing and sound insulation effect will be much better than steel window, and it is also easier to process than pure wood window and steel window. When aluminum sliding windows appeared in the market, they became popular immediately. Almost overnight, many families installed aluminum sliding windows on their balconies. Aluminum alloy is a medium and high-grade profile, which is not easy to deform, and the price is moderate, which is easy to be accepted by everyone. However, ordinary aluminum alloy windows make a loud sound when pulled, and conduct heat faster. After long-term use, the tightness will gradually decrease, affecting later use. Now, with the continuous improvement of the manufacturing process of aluminum alloy windows, many aluminum alloy windows sold in the market have broken the form of natural color dominating the world, and launched colorful aluminum alloy windows. The main material is high-grade aluminum alloy profiles, with rich colors, including log color, white oak, silver gray, etc. compared with the aluminum alloy windows dominated by natural color, they have a warm and vivid feeling, better sealing and thermal insulation performance, and occupy a place in the steel window market, But the price is more expensive

to sum up, we have a preliminary understanding of plastic steel windows and aluminum alloy windows. The specific choice can be purchased according to your budget and needs





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