The male host independently designed and decorated

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A long time ago, I saw a design, which was a canoe shaped bench. It seemed that I hadn't started to learn design at that time. After reading the chair, I liked it very much. The designer wrote that he recalled the happiest time in the past 10 years, thinking of a time when he lay in a small boat, didn't do anything, looked up and let the water wave float with him ~ ~ ~ so I yearned

no matter how brilliant the fireworks will disperse, the drunken will not be able to resist the lazy wind in the afternoon. Everyone holds a dream in his heart. At midnight, I borrowed wings to pull you off

this part of the original family restaurant is tall, and the terrace is outside. After the floor is inverted, this part is divided into the second floor to become the master bedroom. The wall with TV in the restaurant is the old man's room, and the interior is the inclined roof space, which is also divided into the second floor as the master bathroom. Because this part of the space on the second floor is not high enough, when the floor is inverted, the floor is 200 lower than the top of the restaurant, which is equivalent to the master bedroom from the next step to the master bathroom. And the terrace outside the restaurant is upside down, wrapped with aluminum alloy windows to become an interior, and the restaurant is wrapped into an oblique angle to make two decorative windows without glass and common Mediterranean low doors. When the two windows are full of trigonometry plum, it is equivalent to making a second exterior. Sometimes the exterior of the community you buy cannot be transformed, but it is possible to transform your own exterior through design. Imagine, The family sat happily in the garden for dinner




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