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Hello, my name is wangtiezhu. I'm an illustrator. Recently, my home is also being decorated. I saw that many decorators are very concerned about the decoration steps of the blank room, but the pure text description is too boring. I just want to make the boring knowledge interesting through illustration

Hello, my name is wangtiezhu. I'm an illustrator. Originally, I had a well paid and promising job and a beautiful girlfriend. When I was about to reach the peak of my life, all this changed &hellip& hellip; Damn alarm clock! Can't you let me sleep more! Recently, my home is also being decorated. I saw that many decorators are very concerned about the decoration steps of the blank room, but the pure text description is too boring. I just want to make the boring knowledge interesting through illustration

less gossip, now let's get to the point

● the first step to get the blank new house is to accept the house. The house inspection must be treated with caution to avoid problems in the later stage and wrangling with the construction party

● the contents of house inspection include: the flatness of the top floor of the wall, whether there are cracks and whether there are hollows. Whether the water circuit and drainage are normal. And whether the doors, windows, doorbells and public supporting facilities are qualified

● it is best to invite professional personnel to inspect the house, so that the house can be checked and accepted more carefully

● after the house is closed, whether it is self decoration or looking for a decoration company, design is the first step

● the design process is: measure the room, work out the layout plan and decoration budget, work out the effect drawing and decoration matching plan, work out the construction drawing, and enter the construction stage

● design needs to pay attention to: first determine the style of decoration you like, then go to the home market to understand the current decoration market, what materials and furniture you can buy on the market, and then design

● decoration is influenced by traditional culture, and it also pays attention to the auspicious day. You can check the auspicious day and choose a day suitable for ground breaking or construction

● the customs of each place are different, and the commencement ceremony is also different. The commencement ceremony in Hefei usually chooses an auspicious time to set off firecrackers and then knock three times on the wall with a hammer to show the good luck of the commencement

● what should be paid attention to when starting work is that if disclosure is required on the day of starting work, do not set off firecrackers, and you can use colored ribbons and fireworks to avoid discomfort caused by air pollution

● wall demolition and reconstruction are divided into wall demolition and wall building. The main contents of demolition are: demolishing the wall and shoveling the wall

● it should be noted that the wall should be demolished after snapping line cutting, and the finished products should be protected, especially the floor drain

● when building walls, attention should be paid to the reinforcement work such as planting reinforcement and hanging nets

● if you need to install central air conditioning or heating in your home, you should lay pipelines before and after water and electricity

● the installation steps of central air conditioning are: determine the location of internal and external machines, punch holes, punch holes, lay pipes and install, and protect finished products

● the installation steps of heating are: slotting and pipe laying, installing water collector and separator, pipe laying and pressure suppression

● this step is laid in the early stage, and radiators and air conditioning vents need to be installed after the construction is completed. If you don't consider installing these equipment at home, you can directly enter the hydropower stage

● hydropower renovation is a concealed project in decoration, and problems in the later stage will cause great losses, so we must pay great attention to it

● the construction steps of water and electricity are generally: check the original circuit of the home, determine the location according to the design scheme, slotting, pipe laying and wiring, check and test, file data, seal pipes, and clean the site

● before the completion of water and electricity construction, be sure to mark the size, take photos and archive them, in case the location cannot be found for later maintenance

● electricity should go to the ground, water should go to the top, water pipes should be horizontal and vertical, and wires should go to the nearest distance at two points

● the construction site will be dirty during the construction process, so it is best to put it in front of the carpenter

● bricklayers generally need to do, such as building walls, plastering walls, cement leveling, wrapping water pipes, paving wall and floor tiles, etc

● the conventional operation process is: snap the line and level it first &mdash& mdash; Base treatment &mdash& mdash; Waterproof &mdash& mdash; Then pave the wall and floor tiles

● it should be noted that waterproof is best to find a professional waterproof company. Floor drains should be of better quality

● you can feel the overall structure of your home when you go to woodworking construction

● carpentry's main work includes ceiling, gypsum board partition, cabinet making, wood modeling and hardware installation. Now it is more and more popular to customize the whole house, and the workload of carpentry is getting smaller and smaller

● the process of carpentry is generally: drawing review and disclosure &mdash& mdash; Mobilization of tools and materials &mdash& mdash; Basic framework production &mdash& mdash; Encapsulation &mdash& mdash; Inspection and acceptance

● the boards and glues used in woodworking construction will release a large amount of formaldehyde and other harmful substances if they fail to meet the environmental protection standards. Therefore, the selection of materials must be careful

● paint is a face project in decoration, and attention should be paid to the treatment of details. The paint is mainly divided into emulsion paint on the top of the wall and wood paint on the home

● the construction steps of paint are generally: repair the surface &mdash& mdash; Base treatment &mdash& mdash; Surface coating

● do not brush emulsion paint where the wall is pasted

● when opening windows for ventilation, don't open doors and windows too large to prevent cracking caused by too fast shrinkage

● after the early construction, there must be a lot of garbage and surplus materials on the site, which need to be cleaned up at this time

● during the next installation, it is best to keep the house in a relatively neat state to reduce the damage to the finished products

● matters needing attention include: retain useful materials when disposing of garbage. If you have tinted emulsion paint at home, you must keep it well, and it will be used in later repair

● the kitchen and bathroom are easy to use aluminum gusset ceiling, plastic gusset board and gypsum board are not conducive to later maintenance

● if Yuba, lengba and other equipment are to be installed, the power supply should be reserved in the early stage of water and electricity

● wallpaper is a very colorful decoration element, with many colors and patterns. Choosing wallpaper has also become a tangle. Following the 61 rule of decoration collocation, you can find your own skills

● the sequence of wallpaper construction is best placed before installing the door and switch panel, so that the wallpaper can be pressed when installing the door switch panel, and there will be no edge warping

● there is another point to pay attention to: the glue for wallpaper cannot be adhered to the latex paint. If it is adhered, it should be cleaned in time, which will cause the latex paint to fall off

● many subsequent installation projects require live operation, so the switch panel can be installed. At the same time, downlight and light belt can also be installed

● cabinets can be installed with customized furniture

● in the early stage of cabinet design, the power supply position of oven disinfection cabinet and other equipment should be considered

● the installation steps of cabinets are generally: ground cabinet &mdash& mdash; Install the hanging cabinet &mdash& mdash; Install the countertop

● after the cabinet is installed, the smoke machine, stove and sink can be installed. Before installation, the gas should be turned on for convenient debugging

● check the quality of the check valve of the flue to see if it is reliable. If it is not good, it can be replaced at this time to avoid smoke return later

● some stoves and pools also need to be plugged in. In the early stage, it is necessary to know whether to reserve power

● the gas water heater must be installed in a well ventilated space, and the exhaust gas generated during its work will cause harm to human body

● if the gas is far away from the bathroom, you can also consider installing a small water heater in the bathroom, so that the hot water comes quickly and is more convenient to use

● the wiring of electric water heater shall be selected according to the power

● Hardware pendants to be installed in this step include: toilet, bathroom cabinet, shower room, towel bar, etc

● when installing sanitary ware, the angle valve and hose are generally purchased separately. If the installer does not provide them, they should prepare them in advance

● there are many precautions for sanitary ware, generally speaking, how to use it more conveniently

● the sequence of decorating wooden doors is: assemble door jambs &mdash& mdash; Install door leaves &mdash& mdash; Install locks &mdash& mdash; Install door pocket line &mdash& mdash; Install door stopper

● it should be noted that the materials of door pocket line and skirting line should be the same, so as to form a complete and smooth line

● the diagonal of the door pocket should preferably be a 45 degree chamfer

● decide the installation process according to whether you choose solid wood flooring, solid wood multi-layer or laminate flooring

● if it is a solid wood floor, first clean the floor, install a wooden keel, then sprinkle camphor wood chips on it (to prevent insects and mold), and finally install the floor and skirting line

● if the laminate floor is installed, the ground should be leveled in the early stage, otherwise there will be a drop in the bathroom

● curtains can be installed after the floor is installed. Curtains generally include pull curtains, blinds and Roman curtains

● you can install the curtain rod first and hang the curtain after cleaning, so that the curtain will not be dirty

● curtains are as diverse as wallpaper. The choice should be based on the decoration style of the home, and then according to the matching rules, we can create a more perfect effect

● this step refers to the installation of main lights such as chandeliers, ceiling lights, wall lights, etc., while downlight spotlights are installed at the switch panel

● the reason why we put the installation of lamps last is that many crystal lamps and many American lamps are afraid of dust. During this period of installation, the house has been relatively clean

● the installation work at home here is basically over, let the dusty home take on a new look

● for cleaning, it should be noted that do not wipe the home with chemicals to avoid corrosion. Do not use steel ball and wire brush to clean the tiles, there will be scratches

● after cleaning, several pairs of shoe covers should be prepared for home decoration. In the later stage, the master should send furniture and electrical appliances to reduce damage to the ground

● after cleaning, the furniture can be assembled on site, generally including sofa, dining table, bed, desk, bookcase, etc

● when handling furniture, be sure to protect the corners and doors, and pay attention to the furniture itself to avoid damage

● at this time, you can buy some bamboo charcoal bags and put them in the cabinet to purify the air. You can also buy some plants such as green pineapple to purify the air in your new house and increase the indoor humidity at the same time

● household appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, televisions, air conditioners, etc. can be delivered and installed

● in this step, we should also pay attention to the protection work

● collect and save all manuals and warranty cards for future search

● soft decoration is a deep knowledge. The early decoration can be very simple, even just a white wall. Rely on the later decoration collocation can produce great results

● soft decoration includes many items, mainly referring to decorative paintings, vases, lamps, green plants and other decorative objects, each of which can reflect the taste and temperament of the house

Hello, I'm wang Tiezhu! I am an illustrator! The above is the graphic version of the rough room decoration process I sorted out. If you think it is useful, you can collect it. And if you are single, we can have further communication




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