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Simple and fashionable beauty will be loved by many young people. The modern and simple style is created by designers, and the fashionable hair is wielded incisively and vividly. Let's take you to see the decoration effect drawing of bailuijing simple two rooms and two halls, and feel the beauty of fashion together

style analysis: modern simple style modern style decoration features: it is composed of curves and asymmetric lines, such as flower stems, flower buds, grapevines, insect wings and various beautiful and wavy body patterns in nature, which are reflected in the decoration of walls, railings, window lattice and furniture. Some of the lines are gentle and elegant, and some are powerful and rhythmic. The whole three-dimensional form is integrated with orderly and rhythmic curves. Iron components are widely used, and new processes such as glass and ceramic tiles, as well as iron products and ceramic products are comprehensively used indoors. Pay attention to indoor and outdoor communication, and try to introduce new ideas into the interior decoration art. Decoration files: Decoration community: bairuijing (more bairuijing decoration effect pictures) decoration company: Jintai decoration house type: two bedrooms and two halls decoration method: all inclusive decoration style: modern simple contract amount: 100000

bairuijing simple two bedrooms and two halls decoration effect picture

the kitchen is very metallic, and the dark blue tone gives people a calm feeling. Cooking in such a kitchen is also a great pleasure

decoration effect drawing of bailuijing simple two rooms and two halls. The design of the bathroom gives people a fresh and clean feeling, and the tiles in the small lattice are simple and generous, and not easy to be out of date. Putting some green plants inside also plays a good decorative role. [decoration list of the owner's home]:

bathroom: shower room: Jiumu bathroom price 2999 yuan; Toilet Jiumu sanitary ware: 899 yuan/set; Bathroom rack, hook: Jiumu bathroom, 358 yuan in total

tiles: Marco Polo tiles, 7.8 yuan/piece, mosaic, 4980 yuan in total for the whole room

Wallpaper: Ruibao wallpaper 198 yuan/roll

Introduction to bairuijing community: bairuijing central living area is a super large-scale urban central living area, located next to the South Central Asia Trade in the central area of Wuchang (the original site of the boiler factory), with superior natural ecological landscape and human resources, close to the three business districts of South Central Wuchang, Asia Trade and jiejiekou. The project covers a total area of 527000 square meters (equivalent to the size of about 70 international standard football fields), With a total construction area of 1.06 million square meters, it is the first large-scale international residential project developed at the square kilometer level in the city

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