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As the saying goes: one life, two fortunes and three geomantics. Geomantic omen has a deep impact on our fortune. So in Feng Shui, what is the general knowledge of Feng Shui in decorating doors? The following is the related articles compiled by Xiaobian. Let's have a look

Feng Shui common sense of decoration door

Feng Shui common sense of decoration door

1. Door direction and floor mat

the sitting direction of the door is determined by the direction of the door. Standing indoors and facing the gate, the orientation facing is "Xiang", and the orientation opposite to "Xiang" is "sitting". Placing a floor mat in front of the house will also have a certain impact on Feng Shui. The impact comes from the different color of the floor mat. The door direction and the floor mat are well matched, which is suitable for flourishing and flourishing

2. Door decorations

door decorations should be less. Some people will install iron lion head ornaments on their doors, which is not suitable for ordinary people. The placement of devilish ornaments, such as mirrors and peach wood swords, must be guided by professionals. If the owner doesn't understand the Feng Shui principle and sets them at will, the result is often self defeating, leading to abnormal family atmosphere

as long as the material and style of the door are generous and firm, if the door is broken, it should be replaced in time Do not delay

3. In front of the door

push the door open, the line of sight outside the door should be bright and tidy, no obstacles should be stacked in front of the door, and you should be comfortable walking and turning around. If the doorway is small, you can adjust it by adding lights or re whitewashing at the doorway

4. Special tips: materials and color of doors

① materials and wood texture

there are a variety of materials for modern home doors, including solid wood, wood plate, molded door, aluminum alloy, aluminum plate, glass, steel plate, leather, etc. There is nothing special about how to use materials, but the color of the door is more exquisite. However, in terms of practicality and psychological feeling, wooden doors should be the first choice

when installing wooden doors, it must be clear whether the wood grain is clockwise or counterclockwise. Usually, the lines from bottom to top are straight lines, and the lines from bottom to bottom are reverse lines. The smooth door makes the house peaceful and smooth, and the reverse door makes the house repeatedly changeable and unsmooth

② color

there are five pages in total. The first page is 12345. The traditional feng shui theory believes that the color of the door needs to be studied from the divinatory symbols of the owner to see whether it matches with the owner of the house. For example, the Kan house belongs to water, and it should be sky blue and lake water color. Kun Liang belongs to earth, and is suitable for coffee or beige, etc. all decisions are based on the five elements of gold generating water, water generating wood, wood generating fire, fire generating soil, and earth generating gold. Generally speaking, the taboos are:

(1) work blue and black, both of which attract Yin, cause disease and return money. The actual effect is unknown

(2) earthy yellow is the main villain, but if you use bright pure yellow, it will be auspicious, safe and profitable

in reality, blue, black and khaki are not our common colors, so we don't have to care too much. However, it is not suitable for residential doors to have two or more colors on an independent door, otherwise, it will have a diffuse and repeated effect

Feng Shui common sense of decorating bedroom door

I. Feng Shui taboo of bedroom door

1. The bedroom door cannot face the door

the bedroom is a place to rest and needs to be quiet and secret. The door is the only way for family and friends to enter and leave. The bedroom door to door does not meet the conditions for our quiet rest, and is not conducive to the confidentiality of privacy. The bedroom door and the front door will also affect the health of the family and the wealth of the family

2. The bedroom door cannot face the bathroom

the bathroom is a place for excretion, which is easy to produce filth and moisture, so the opposite door will affect the air in the bedroom and be harmful to human health

3. The bedroom door cannot face the kitchen or be adjacent to it

the kitchen fire is fried and the oil smoke is discharged, which is easy to affect the opposite door, endanger human health, and make the work performance unstable. The kitchen is the place where the fire is made, which is very dry and hot, so it should not be adjacent to the bedroom, especially the bed close to the wall of the stove

4. The bedroom door cannot face the mirror

the mirror has a reflective effect, which can reflect the evil spirit back in Feng Shui, so it can block the evil spirit. But the mirror facing the door will shine evil Chong Ke into the bedroom, which brings bad luck

II. Feng Shui countermeasures for bedroom door

1. Close the door frequently

the two opposite doors should be closed frequently, because the flow of air can be prevented after closing, and the field state is in a relatively static state, which can reduce mutual flow

2. You can add a curtain on the door

choose something more beautiful, which can not only increase the beauty, but also solve the problem of relative door and door

3. Put five emperor coins

there are many pictures of five emperor coins and they play a great role. You can also put a set of five emperor coins under the two doors and inside the house, which is also a better way. This method is used by many people

4. Poseidon door symbol

there are five pages in total. The first page is 12345. The next page Poseidon door symbol is a kind of luck ornament specially used to dissolve the opposite of door and door. It plays a great role and is the main solution to modernize the door-to-door solution. It is also a good decoration. Play a role in beautifying the environment

5. Set the screen

if the distance between the two doors is far and the space allows, you can place the screen to transform the field state

6. Changing the door position

this method is more difficult. It is usually carried out before decoration. Some buildings cannot be moved at all, so it has great limitations. If conditions permit, it's best to change it directly. Recommended reading: Feng Shui taboo in home decoration

Feng Shui precautions for decorating the door

(I) open the left door: in Feng Shui, it is lucky to have a bright hall in front of the door. If there is green land, flat land, pool, parking lot, etc. in front, it is preferred to open the middle door. If there is no bright hall ahead, it is better to open on the left. In other words, most doors should be opened from the left: the so-called left Green Dragon and right white tiger. The green dragon should move on the left, and the white tiger should be quiet on the right. Therefore, all doors should be opened from the left, that is, people should open from the inside to the outside, and the door handle should be set on the left. If the door is opened upside down, it will easily lead to family disputes. Opening the north gate is Xuanwu Gate, which is even more unlucky. It is called ghost gate in foreign countries, which also means "defeat", so you must be careful to open the north gate at home

(II) when installing the gate, it must be clear whether the wood grain is clockwise or counterclockwise. Usually, the lines from bottom to top are straight lines, and the lines from top to bottom are reverse lines. The smooth door makes the house peaceful and smooth, while the reverse door may make the house repeatedly changeable and unsmooth

(III) the height of the door should be in proportion. Usually seven feet is the standard. Too high a door will make people lose their sense, greedy, vain, and sinister. The door that is too low and too small is blocked, Pepsi is not smooth, and prosperity cannot enter, which may make people lose confidence in doing things or cause many setbacks

(IV) the door should not be directly opposite to the elevator: the door of the building should not be directly opposite to the elevator door, which is detrimental to wealth and wealth, and residents are prone to disease

(V) the door cannot face the window, back door or toilet in a straight line: the door and window are the openings for Li Qi to enter and leave the house. The door cannot be connected with the window and back door in a straight line to form the front and rear doors, so that Li Qi can go straight out of the hall and cannot gather in the house. Therefore, wealth cannot be gathered, so it is called returning wealth. The toilet is a space for people to excrete, which is not clean in nature, so the door should not be directly facing the toilet. The door directly facing the toilet will make financial investment mistakes and damage the wealth of the family

there are 5 pages in total. Page 1 12345 next page (VI) the gate and living room should be set with a porch: the key to Feng Shui is "like whirling, avoid rushing". The gate and living room are equipped with a porch or a low cabinet shelter, so that there is a buffer inside and outside. After the Qi can be rotated, it gathers in the living room. The interior of the house is also hidden, and it is not easy to peek outside. The interior of the house is hidden, symbolizing the continuation of good fortune

(VII) the outer gate, the inner gate, the inner gate, etc. cannot be in the same straight line, which is the heart piercing brake. If the front and back doors pass through each other, the Lord's wealth cannot be gathered. In addition, the direct access to the gate will cause a lot of trouble. If there are several rooms connected in the house, it is forbidden to set several doors that lead directly from the gate to the end. It is also forbidden to connect a row of rooms with a long corridor like a hotel. Otherwise, it is easy to have an affair or elopement, and it is difficult to ensure the safety of the home

(VIII) two or more colors are not allowed on an independent door, otherwise, it will have a diffuse and repetitive effect

(IX) try to avoid arched doors in the house. The circle represents movement, and the home should be quiet, so it is greatly inappropriate. Moreover, the round arch also looks like a tomb gate, which is very unlucky. If it is beautiful, square arch can be used instead

(x) the gate should be opened inward rather than outward. Because the door owner is air intake, if the door is opened outwards, it will send the air of peace in the house. This owner is unlucky and broke his fortune

(XI) the way of the door: the gate is the mouth of the house to receive gas. It should be clean and bright, and it is not suitable to pile up sundries, so as not to hinder luck. We should avoid two doors facing each other or overlapping and parallel, otherwise it will damage health, career and family peace; If two doors bite each other, family members will often quarrel. If you open the door to the wall or see the activities in another room, it will disturb the circulation of Qi in the human body and cause physical discomfort. Large rooms such as bedrooms and living rooms should open the door, and small rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens should open the small door. Because the door will have a certain oppressive effect on the small door. If the door of the bathroom is too large, there will be health and character problems, and the family will suffer from indigestion

there are five pages in total. Page 1 12345 next page

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