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The secret disclosed by the pharmaceutical e-commerce in the illegal sale of prescription drugs industry

relevant domestic laws and regulations explicitly prohibit the sale of prescription drugs on the Internet. However, according to the investigation of China business, prescription drugs such as anti-cancer drug Iressa and ED treatment drug Viagra (commonly known as Viagra) are sold on well-known pharmaceutical e-commerce stations such as Jinxiang, Jingdong good pharmacist, Kaixinren shangdrugstore and Baiji new specialty drugs, and patients can order directly without prescription

(Shangyao store sells prescription drugs) this is a secret known in the industry. Yesterday, Qin Guoliang, general manager of Sinopharm group 1 health, told me

there are regulations and profits at the same time. Domestic pharmaceutical e-commerce is selling drugs on the red line of policy

anti ed drugs sell well

recently, Pfizer, the world's largest pharmaceutical company, announced that it would build its own station to sell Viagra in the United States. Pfizer's original intention was to strengthen the fight against counterfeit Viagra, but the news spread to China, which triggered a discussion on whether it was legal to sell Viagra

LV Ping, former director of antithrombotic quality division of Bayer medical and health care Co., Ltd., pointed out that it is legal to operate prescription drugs in pharmacies in the United States. In 1999, the National pharmacy Committee Association of the United States began to certify pharmacies. Pharmacies that have passed the certification can obtain the right to sell prescription drugs, and each drug sold must produce the certificates and guarantee certificates of membership health care groups and insurance companies before they can operate

as a prescription drug, Viagra is not allowed to be sold on the Internet, but there are still a lot of Viagra sales information in pharmacies, and many qualified pharmacies are also selling directly. Inquired about domestic well-known pharmaceutical e-commerce stations such as Jinxiang, Jingdong good pharmacist, kaixinrenshang pharmacy and Baiji new special medicine, and found that there were the display and sales of prescription drugs such as Viagra

a senior person of pharmaceutical e-commerce in Guangzhou disclosed to this newspaper that as far as he knows, the sales volume of Viagra in e-commerce channels has reached 10000 tablets a day. Some compliant online pharmacies only display Viagra products and prices on the page. It is suggested that buyers buy Viagra from physical pharmacies, but it is not easy to promote it. If they go to pharmacies less, they can still place an order directly. These people said

in this regard, Xi Qing, director of Pfizer China Enterprise Communication Department, stressed to this newspaper: in fact, Pfizer China has not authorized any organization to sell Viagra on the Internet

according to the analysis of the above insiders in Guangzhou, the reason why Viagra has a market in collateral sales is that the market capacity of the drugs for the treatment of ED is large enough; Second, the price of drugstores is generally more favorable than that of physical drugstores; Moreover, many ED patients are embarrassed to buy in pharmacies. Not only Viagra, but also similar drugs such as Xieli and Elida sell well in pharmaceutical e-commerce

public secrets in the industry

Qin Guoliang revealed that selling prescription drugs in Shanghai pharmaceutical stores is a secret known in the industry, but the judgment standard of the drug regulatory department is relatively extensive: one judgment standard is that prescription drugs cannot have shopping carts; Second, the purchase, sales and inventory records of pharmacies cannot have prescription drugs, which involves the database and needs on-site inspection

in order to avoid the above two restrictions, this newspaper found that domestic pharmaceutical e-commerce with a small scale have adopted ingenious methods to realize online sales and offline distribution: Taking Kaixin people's drugstore as an example, there are clear commodity display and shopping guide of various prescription drugs, including Viagra, on the page, but there is no item directly put into the shopping cart, but the prompt that this product is a prescription drug and cannot be placed directly. However, The buyer can place an order through customer service or 400, register the buyer's information at the back of the station, and deliver it to the offline Kaixin people physical drugstore after payment

the best-selling drugs on the market are far more than anti ed drugs, and drugs for major diseases such as cardiovascular and anti-tumor are also on the market. Baiji new special medicine is a well-known pharmacy for specialized medicine in China. There are all kinds of prescription drugs on the station, and the price is more favorable than that purchased in hospitals and pharmacies. Taking AstraZeneca star anticancer drug Iressa as an example, the membership price of 0.25g 10 tablets/box is 5000 yuan, which is 500 yuan cheaper than that of hospitals and physical pharmacies

these prescription drugs are expensive and are generally not included in the medical insurance reimbursement catalogue. Patients can save money by buying them on the Internet, which directly drives the purchase market. The above Guangzhou insiders pointed out that there is a market, there is a driving force, and pharmaceutical e-commerce is stepping on the policy red line to illegally sell prescription drugs

if there is no problem, it is easy to do. If there is a problem, going to the drugstore is subject to the law, just like the hospital seeing a doctor. Whether there is business qualification after an accident is very important. Qin Guoliang thinks. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 50 pharmaceutical e-commerce with Internet drug trading qualification approved by the State Food and drug administration

yesterday, CCTV reported that the price of a box of more than 20000 yuan of advanced anti-cancer drug Gleevec was as low as 10% at one station. Xu Guibai, a rural doctor, suffered from leukemia. After spending all his savings, he bought the drug. It was ineffective for half a year. When he opened the capsule, he found that it was full of starch

what worries the industry is that many Shanghei pharmacies are selling a large number of prescription drugs of unknown origin, which may detonate serious adverse events and pose a threat to the whole pharmaceutical e-commerce at any time. Anti cancer drugs such as Iressa and trokai have both Indian versions and completely fake drugs. It is difficult to distinguish the true from the false, so it is easy to get caught. People in the industry expressed concern about the potential safety hazards of prescription drugs sold at the station

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