Raw materials continue to be low, should coating e

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Raw materials continue to be low, should coating enterprises reduce prices

the economy is down, raw materials are low, sales are declining, coating enterprises have great pressure to reduce prices, and many coating enterprises have reduced product prices. Years ago, a well-known coating enterprise also reduced its price. Many furniture paint enterprises adopting follow-up tactics are in a dilemma. Cut prices. The economy is down, it is difficult to increase income, and the price is reduced. They can maintain the sales volume, but the sales and profits may not increase much. No, the pressure from dealers and furniture factories is increasing. When the economy goes down, manufacturers hold together to keep warm. It's really unbearable. You can reduce the price. Because the winner is always among the remaining enterprises. When survival has to be a problem in the economic downturn, it is meaningless to talk about whether the price should be reduced. However, if there are conditions to realize product upgrading and service value-added, it is better not to reduce it

middle and high-end customers need high-quality products and services, not low products and prices. Of course, every customer needs high-quality products and low prices. But can you supply this product continuously except for occasional promotion? Before smart, the streets were full of Nokia because of its durability. In the era of intelligence, arcades have become iPhones because they are easy to use. Middle and high-end users are not sensitive to price, but products and experience, quality and service. In the market competition, high prices always beat low prices. 5C, which hit the market at a low price, has become a big failure in the history of iPhone. Paint analyst Roger Carr said that low prices often play a troublemaker. After mixing the water, big fish can use the least effort to eat those hungry and thin small fish, take over their market resources and achieve Evergrande. Because low price means low profit, which means losing the economic foundation of maintaining high quality. Real low-cost and high-quality products must be products with high technical content, and will become upgrading products that subvert the industry. Enterprises that can really achieve low-cost and high-quality products will also pay special attention to the difference between the effective stroke of electronic tensile machine and the tensile range of sample fixture, and become the leading enterprise in the industry. This technology will also become the core competitiveness and the highest level of business secrets of enterprises. The paint industry is like this, 360 lines are like this

in fact, this is the question of whether coating enterprises dare to adhere to differentiation in the face of downward pressure and price reduction pressure. Differentiation lies in whether you dare to stick to your position and stick to it all the time, especially in the face of survival crisis and immediate temptation. Like jobs and apple. Differentiation is whether you dare to constantly improve your products and services, help more customers achieve greater success, and take differentiation as the core to build your own core competitiveness and become the foundation of the survival and development of the enterprise. Like Ren Zhengfei and Huawei. When the raw materials continue to be low and the dealers and furniture manufacturers require the coating enterprises to reduce the price, do you dare to adhere to your medium and high-end positioning and not reduce the price? When some benchmark coating enterprises have begun to reduce prices, and many peers have followed the price reduction, you dare to adhere to your medium and high-end positioning, and more than 40% of new houses use plastic doors and windows; More than 80% of new houses in Qingdao and Dalian use plastic windows. Don't you cut prices? The economic downturn is difficult to grow, and many peers are reducing prices. Do you dare to increase your sales and profits on the basis of not reducing prices? The winner will always be among the remaining enterprises. It's useless to say more if there's nothing left. I won. Everything I say is a brand story

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