The hottest new energy glass has developed rapidly

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New energy glass is developing rapidly and building energy efficiency is rising to a higher level

as a branch of the field of building materials, the glass industry has been criticized by the national regulatory authorities for many times, and the pressure of overcapacity of flat glass is particularly prominent. How to achieve the sustainable development of the industry on the basis of the existing industry and in combination with national policies without adding limited production lines is an important problem faced by glass enterprises at present. Vigorously developing energy-saving and new energy glass has become a magic weapon for many enterprises

the national regulatory department requires to formulate incentive policies to promote the merger and reorganization of enterprise groups, support advantageous enterprises in project approval, land approval, credit extension, tax relief and other aspects, encourage enterprises to build fewer new lines, more mergers and acquisitions, and become bigger and stronger through mergers and acquisitions and technological transformation, so as to strive to achieve more than 70% of the industrial concentration of the top 10 large flat glass production enterprises in the next three years

under the pressure of energy conservation and emission reduction, leading domestic glass enterprises have launched new energy glass products, which not only conforms to the national policy, but also expands new opportunities for enterprise development

new energy glass will be the development direction

energy conservation and emission reduction, low-carbon economy has become a topic that cannot be bypassed, and it is also the focus of future economic development. Driven by the elimination of backward production capacity, the reorganization of the glass industry is expected. When the temperature reaches the set temperature, it can be predicted that no matter how the glass industry is integrated, new energy such as solar energy will be a direction of the glass industry

it was learned in the interview that the leading enterprises in the domestic glass industry have already begun to develop new energy-saving products in the field of new energy. According to Jinjing group, Jinjing (Group) Co., Ltd. has successfully produced 49 pieces of ultra white glass on its production line recently. 5 square meters of super large plate glass, creating the largest single-chip area of float glass in the world at present

Xinyi Group, another leading enterprise of domestic glass enterprises, has also made efforts in the field of new solar energy in recent years. With the solar energy industry increasingly becoming an important pillar industry for future global development, the pace of Xinyi Group's ultra white photovoltaic glass entering the solar new energy industry is also getting faster and faster

a relevant person from the office of Xinyi Group said that under the low-carbon background, Xinyi Glass has closely followed the development pace of low-carbon economy, and recently launched energy-saving and environmental protection ar photovoltaic glass. This is the ultra white photovoltaic glass (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. of Xinyi Group, which will greatly promote the popularization and promotion of the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection. As a new energy-saving and environmental protection product that integrates the requirements of users, AR photovoltaic glass is widely used in the field of solar cells, solar water heaters and other components

statistics show that China's solar energy industry has grown at an "explosive" rate in recent years, driving the rapid growth in the demand for ultra white glass

the development of emerging sunrise industries such as information industry and photovoltaic industry has expanded a broad market space for new glass. Insiders suggest that the glass industry should seize the opportunity to better provide basic material support for the rapid development of these industries. At the same time, there is still a certain gap between domestic enterprises and the international advanced level, and they are also facing challenges such as carrying out forward-looking technological innovation, developing new products, realizing industrialization, and breaking foreign technological monopoly

energy saving and environment-friendly special glass has passed the National 863 expert certification

it can both transmit light and prevent sunscreen, and is good at keeping the heat generated by the heater out of the room in summer. In winter, it is good at "locking" the heat generated by the heater indoors - originally, this is the wonderful use of glass. A new green building material, environmental friendly and energy-saving special glass (twp), has recently passed the expert demonstration organized by the industrialization promotion center of the Shanghai National 863 plan, and is evaluated as "filling the gap in the glass manufacturing industry at home and abroad, with originality in the world", and is widely used in the fields of national defense, construction, medical treatment, automobile and high-speed train manufacturing

compared with the energy-saving glass that widely adopts coating technology to reflect infrared ray in the world, this special glass independently developed by China is made by using the world's first one-time melting and firing technology. The manufacturer pursues the materials used in the equipment shell, strongly absorbs the medium and near infrared heat energy, and radiates to both sides of the glass in the form of Long-band far-infrared when the external temperature decreases, It not only solves the energy-saving and environmental protection problems of light transmission, sun protection and warmth preservation, but also prevents glare and effectively avoids secondary light pollution

the new solar glass will make the building more energy-saving

different from the traditional building integrated photovoltaic products, the new solar glass can block the solar radiation, concentrate the sun, and convert it into solar energy at the same time. Pythagoras solar energy company, headquartered in California, from Pythagoras solar energy, has developed a new green building material, which has the functions of energy saving and high-density solar power generation, and is beautiful and exquisite

The new photovoltaic glass device of Pythagoras company is a complex of patented advanced glass materials, high energy-saving crystalline silicon, and simulation model software. Different from the traditional building integrated photovoltaic production in 2004, the new solar glass can block solar radiation, concentrate sunlight and convert it into solar energy at the same time. It makes the central refrigeration system no longer needed, and the central refrigeration system is one of the main energy consumption of buildings

the design of this glass device can also filter violent sunlight and excessive heat, provide good natural lighting, and reduce the use of artificial lighting in the daytime

pythagoras' glass installation can be easily used in traditional building methods, and will not affect the aesthetic value of the building

gonen Fink, co-founder and CEO of Pythagoras solar energy company, said: "our new technology has finally filled the gap between energy conservation and energy production, enabling the architectural design, civil engineering and construction industries to accelerate the use of lower cost power generation methods and build beautiful, net zero energy consumption green buildings."

nanomarkets, a research company, predicts that by 2015, the global market for building integrated photovoltaic products will reach $8billion. According to this trend, Pythagoras solar is taking corresponding measures to expand its commercial operation of production and sales

so far, this private holding company has raised $11million in seed funds and venture capital, including $10million in series a investments from Israel's clean energy venture capital

pythagoras solar also established partnerships with arkem, a chemical company, Zhongdian photovoltaic, a Chinese solar developer, and Flextronics industrial, a manufacturing service provider

the company's photovoltaic glass devices will be put on the market in the second half of this year, which can be used for building glass curtain walls, skylights and windows. Zhonghua glass () Department

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