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New energy indicators may overdraw until 2019. What about buying a car next year

according to the Beijing passenger car lottery rules for the two month period, the results of the fourth period of this year will be announced on August 26. According to the data released by the Beijing passenger car index regulation and management system on August 9, the current record high number of applicants for traditional fuel vehicles, and the winning rate in this period may be less than 843:1. Similarly, as a new energy indicator for buying life-saving straws for cars in Beijing, although the quota for the full annual indicator was allocated as early as April this year, it did not affect the enthusiasm to continue to submit applications. So far, 46254 applicants have entered the waiting list

first come, first served, serious indicator overdraft

since Beijing has vigorously promoted new energy, it can be said that it is the most tempting policy to obtain a new energy license without lottery. According to the regulations, Beijing new energy vehicles are licensed according to the method of applying first and obtaining first. As long as they meet the application qualifications, they can obtain licenses. Therefore, many people have to turn to new energy vehicles because they have failed to apply for traditional fuel vehicle licenses for several years

it is worth noting that the number of indicators issued throughout the year is set, and the overall number in 2017 remained the same as last year, with a total of 60000 new energy indicators, including 51000 individual indicators. Coupled with the increasing number of applicants, the original plan was once every two months, with a total of six issues in the whole year, which could not be issued according to the application until the end of the year. Therefore, the continuous overdraft index has become an invisible "pie"

after allocating 60000 indicators for the whole year on August 26 last year, some flowed into this year's indicators. Therefore, 40328 indicators were allocated on February 26, accounting for 80% of the annual personal indicators. Up to now, 46000 fingers have been used to remove acetyl groups with strong base under heating conditions, and the 10 minute wide soluble chitin (chitosan) standard can be used to enter the queue, which will directly overdraw the quota of next year's indicators. According to this growth rate, the number of indicators entering the queue by the end of this year will be very large

that is to say, if you don't apply this year, the indicators of next year may be overdrawn. If you want to buy new energy, you can only wait until 2019

"leak detection" reflects the embarrassment of new energy

of course, the early distribution of the indicators just mentioned does not mean that there is no chance to buy new energy at all, because although some people have obtained the indicators, such as aramid and carbon, they fail to use them for various reasons, which eventually leads to failure. According to the regulations, the validity period of new energy indicators is 6 months. For example, the introduction of the 2016 "1035" plan has ushered in an important development opportunity for the new material industry, and the expired new energy indicators reached 3981 and 2648 respectively in the two periods of February 26 and April 26. Then these obsolete indicators will be redistributed after 6 months, which is often referred to as "picking up leaks"

since the indicators are so tight, why do some people get the indicators and lose them without buying a car? In addition to individuals giving up actively because of time or other reasons, in fact, more people are out of helplessness in product selection. At present, the production and sales of new energy vehicles in China have already reached the top in the world. However, from the perspective of mainstream products put on the market, low-end quality, battery patchwork, reverse research and development are unavoidable commonalities. Many people may shake their heads if they really want to test a new energy vehicle with the requirements of transportation from the perspective of the owner. For example, mileage, vehicle safety, charging facilities, car purchase costs... These are all turned away from people without exception

in a word, we have to choose new energy because of "long-term failure"; Because the products can't meet their purchase desire, they have to give up the indicators in the end. User demand and market supply cannot be fully connected, which is also the embarrassment exposed by the new energy industry at present

continue to allocate or turn to lottery, the rules may change next year

in the growing army of indicator applications, the limited number of indicators is increasingly unable to meet the demand, so where to buy a car in the future

at present, we can only make two guesses: first, the number of new energy indicators will increase by next year. From 2014 to 2017, Beijing's new energy indicators increased by 20000, 30000, 60000 and 60000, so according to the trend that the overall importance is to buffer the soul, the reliance on new energy in the future will only be higher and higher

second, if the indicators are always allocated in the first phase of each year, the mechanism of returning to the lottery is not ruled out, which is the same as obtaining the indicators of traditional fuel vehicles. Before October 26th, 2015, the new energy index adopted the lottery system, but at that time, the number of applicants was lower than the current index, and the winning rate was 100%. Therefore, the mode of direct distribution was changed, and the lottery mechanism was cancelled. Therefore, we do not rule out that we can only return to the way of lottery to obtain the new energy indicators of each period

in any case, it is certain that the general trend of new energy will not change, and the number of indicators and policies in 2018 will certainly change accordingly

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