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Xiagong forklift new energy: inherit the classics from the heart, build the fine products

Xiagong forklift new energy: inherit the classics from the heart, build the fine products

China Construction machinery information

from October 27 to 30, the annual CeMAT Asia 2015 Asia international logistics technology and transportation system exhibition opened in Pudong New International Expo Center, Shanghai

as one of the leading enterprises of construction machinery in China, Xiamen Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. brought a variety of new forklift products and some accessories, such as warehousing, electric, internal combustion and so on, to the meeting, bringing a wonderful forklift boutique show to customers at home and abroad

in recent years, as a member of the Xiamen Industrial Group, Xiamen Industrial Group forklift truck upholds the sense of innovation, consciously integrates into the industrial 4.0 era, and is committed to independent technological innovation and improving product quality; Committed to lean marketing and industrial transformation and upgrading, it is gradually achieving breakthrough development

starting from the heart, Xiamen forklift truck in the era of industry 4.0

with the gradual promotion of the "made in China 2025" strategy, China will gradually realize the digitalization, standardization and intellectualization of the manufacturing industry through the integration of "industrialization and informatization" in the next few years

at the same time, in recent years, in the face of the low-speed growth of the forklift market, Xiamen forklift seized the opportunity of the times, actively adapted to the "Internet +" new normal, reformed the original production and operation mode, and quickly met the actual needs of users in an all-round way. In the view of Guo Tao, deputy general manager of the forklift Business Department of XCMG, "XCMG forklift is gradually changing from a traditional manufacturer to a supplier of efficient, environmental friendly and safe logistics and transportation system solutions, and realizing the reconstruction of the value chain by introducing the whole process information management."

in this regard, the general manager of Xiamen Engineering marketing center also said, "At present, XCMG has established its own mall and cooperated with a considerable number of third-party e-commerce platforms. By integrating traditional channels and e-commerce channels, users can place orders directly if necessary to realize various value-added services. "

based on this, with the application of big data, cloud computing, IOT and other information technologies, in the future, XCMG will realize the digital management of key CNC equipment and large-scale machining centers through information systems, and basically realize the automatic management in the production process through the investment of robots, CNC centers and other intelligent manufacturing equipment. Through interconnection, it will open up the online and offline" Ren Du pulse ", and gradually realize business negotiation, parts supply Ensure the full life cycle services such as repair application and service consultation. In this process, XCMG will gradually build a bridge of active communication and close contact with users, Truly "breathe with the user and share the fate" to achieve a real win-win situation.

it is brand new and has the potential to improve the charging speed of batteries.

under the general trend of low-carbon and energy conservation, the market application prospect of energy-saving and environment-friendly products is very broad.

all the time, Xiagong adheres to the technical tradition of "high efficiency, energy conservation, flexibility and environmental protection", We are committed to establishing new technology of construction machinery design with completely independent intellectual property rights, guiding the development of construction machinery in the direction of material saving, consumption reduction and high functionality, and providing customers with green new energy system solutions

in this exhibition, the important purpose of the new generation of electric pallet transport launched by Xiamen Engineering Group is to increase the equipment wear and tear transport vehicles, stacking vehicles, forward moving forklifts, tractors and lithium battery storage forklifts with a capacity of 250 ampere hours. It is precisely under the guidance of this technical idea to realize the seriation and large-scale production of the development and application of a new generation of clean energy technology, so as to "escort" users to complete their work tasks safely and efficiently

especially the lithium-ion battery storage forklift adopting German innovative technology. "We only need less than an hour to fully charge, fully meeting the requirements of multi shift operation. Moreover, using this cost-effective lithium-ion battery technology, not only the battery has a long service life, but also there is no need to replace the battery from now on, and it can realize non-stop charging." Wang Dongjin, senior product manager of Xiamen Engineering Group, introduced

it is reported that the energy consumption of storage forklifts equipped with lithium-ion technology is 30% lower than that of traditional lead-acid battery forklifts, and the service life of lithium-ion batteries is three times that of the latter. In addition, the discharge capacity of lithium-ion batteries is also larger. Lead acid batteries usually only use 80% of their storage capacity, while the energy utilization rate of lithium-ion batteries reaches more than 90%

in addition, XCMG storage forklifts are also specially equipped with intelligent battery management system interface, fast charging technology based on fast charging equipment and professional technical consulting service guarantee

"this is a real cost reduction and efficiency increase, safe and energy-saving, which is loved by manufacturers and users," said gongweiming, general manager of Xiamen Construction Marketing Center. " As a large supplier of logistics services and system solutions, XCMG forklift will wholeheartedly provide customers with forklift products and service guarantees with the most appreciation value. "

enjoy the test drive and feel the charm of Xiamen forklift

just like a floor gymnast, beautiful dancing and high-level interpretation can often become the focus of the scene

when the forklift of Xiamen Construction Engineering Group stepped on the music rhythm, moved back and forth flexibly, left and right, and steadily piled up the four beer bottles high and stably within the specified time, the crowd on the scene burst into warm applause from the current international and domestic situation

this is the "fork shaped" pile winding and invincible stacking technology of Xiagong forklift

at the scene, you can see that the performance venue is arranged according to a "cross". The width of the curves on both sides is less than 2.5 meters, which greatly tests the passing performance of the car; The distance between the pile and the pole is only 3 meters long, which is also a challenge to the operator's operation skills. Starting from starting point a, the operator needs to control the speed and precise operation to avoid the pile pole "obstacles" inserted on the ground. When reaching point B, he needs to fork up the tray steadily and then reverse. During the journey, beer should not be knocked down or broken, otherwise all previous efforts will be wasted. After a circle, the operator should lift the tray steadily and stack it stably

this is quite challenging! Eyes, hands, hearts... Can be done at one go

the on-site operator performed brilliantly, but don't worry about it

as long as you are interested in the test drive experience, our experienced operators will also make you instantly gorgeous and have good guiding significance for industry management, user selection, statistical monitoring, etc. turn around and become a "stacking master"

at the same time, all participants will receive a beautiful gift from Xiamen workers

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