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Case analysis of problems and improvement of carton preprint III

IV precautions for preprint forming on corrugated machine

after printing, the printed paper roll is sent to the corrugated machine and pasted into three or five layers of cardboard. In this most important stage, there are basically the following key points to fully grasp

1 whether the ink will be deinked when encountering heat, resulting in color drag marks on the surface of the paper plate

basically, the ink used in pre printing must be heat-resistant and wear-resistant, but when it is actually online, when the cutter has not tracked the electric eye of the printed matter, due to the slow speed of the corrugated paper machine (about 20m ~ 30m speed), the steam generated by the starch glue during bonding is penetrated from the back of the printed sheet to the surface, As a result, the ink is soft. This is the first time that China has made new materials an independent industrialization. Coupled with the temperature of about 180 ℃ on the surface of the hot plate and friction, it will cause the so-called ink drag marks

in order to avoid this phenomenon, the key lies in the proficiency of the operators in the cutting department. The sooner the cutting knife can catch and sense the electric eye mark, and then accelerate the speed to a speed of more than 50m, the ink drag mark will naturally disappear, and the mass production of preprinted paperboard can begin

2 nccutter's computer software of the cutting department

nccutter, today's high-end corrugated machine, has long reserved the lines and software required for tracking the electric eye controlled cutter, but most of them are optional equipment. As long as they are willing to spend money, the manufacturer will immediately offer them

the first cutting equipment in Taiwan that the author encountered that can be used for preprint cutting is indeed a equipment made in Taiwan for nearly 20 years, so there is no reserved line and computer software for the equipment to use, so it is necessary to re create special software and lines

the quality of logic control in software is the key factor to determine whether the pre printing is successful. In terms of the transformation of this old NCCU polymer material, which can play a major role in the field of automotive research and development, in my opinion, the people who transformed this NCCU have made quite perfect logic control software, which is not only accurate (within 1mm error), but also has various error correction functions. It is said that the quotation is also quite reasonable (cheap). It is the most valuable and the lowest risk to let the paper factory owner obtain new life and new technology for the old machine at the lowest cost with what can be called old equipment

from this example, I can say that if the paper factory can find a suitable partner for OEM preprint, small investment can also produce the best benefits for the factory

whether preprint is suitable for every manufacturer to develop, this is a matter of opinion. If your corrugated paper is more than 2.2m wide, unless it is a large first-class factory, plus a confirmed order, Otherwise, the risk of investing in a flexographic printing machine to develop preprint is really not small, and the probability of finding a flexographic printing manufacturer for OEM is not large, so we must make a very careful evaluation

for manufacturers with corrugated paper machines of 1.8m or 1.6m, the relative risk is much lower. If the wrapping carton used with the automatic packaging machine is used, and the products are daily consumable goods (such as beverages, beer) as the pre printing target, it is natural to study the feasibility of pre printing. It is easier to find the manufacturer of OEM pre printing, and it is also feasible to invest in the flexographic printing machine. In addition, I personally think that the pre printed cartons and paperboards are mainly B, e and F-shaped cartons, especially the giant and F-shaped cartons are the mainstream of the development of pre printed cartons, so on the contrary, the 1.6m corrugated machine is the most suitable for the development of pre printed cartons

pre printing is not impossible, but how to do it! I personally believe that only by moving towards a professional division of labor, as highly professional as the electronic industry, can we achieve benefit sharing and reduce investment risks. In addition, the loyalty of customers in the market is getting lower and lower, the product cycle is getting shorter and shorter, the price competition of cartons, and the profit space is constantly compressed. How to enter the market in an appropriate way, and the products have an irreplaceable position in terms of cost, manufacturing technology and quality, and create new niche is the road that paper mills should take at present

(author/Yang Wenzheng Fulan Industry Co., Ltd.)

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