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The fourth industrial revolution: new energy game

from the perspective of energy, today's world is undergoing some significant changes

since Obama took office, there has been a very significant turn in energy policy. 20, up 53.6% and 53.3% respectively year-on-year. In the past 10 years, the US budget was $3.6 trillion, and the deficit was as high as $1.75 trillion. However, the Obama administration announced that it would reduce the deficit to $533billion by 2013 and $1217billion by four years. Someone joked that this is the largest wealth arbitrage game in the world today, and it is the largest "Yang Mou". With the transmission of all kinds of information, people have basically understood the foundation of the great "Yang Mou" of the United States - the new energy deal. This is a new economic revolution, which will be more significant and far-reaching than the previous three industrial revolutions. It is another sustainable measure launched by the largest well-known foreign-funded enterprise in the 21st century - the overall economic, social and environmental revolution of ecological label scale

Obama's new energy deal combo

Obama's new energy deal roughly includes the following contents

first, the important goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The former Bush administration of the United States has not committed to emission reduction obligations, but Obama announced at the beginning of taking office that the United States would charge for emissions from 2012. This is a major policy change of the U.S. government. It can also be said to be the backbone of Obama's new energy deal. It will promote the development of renewable energy, make the energy industry the leading industry of the U.S. economy, and drive the leapfrog development of various industries in the United States

the second action of Obama's new energy deal is to build a national unified electricity across four time zones. The United States wants to build a large electric power that covers four time zones and is dominated by super conductive and smart electricity. It can access all kinds of renewable energy, including wind and solar energy, and can carry out intelligent management. Compared with traditional electricity, the transmission loss of superconductivity will be reduced by 10 times, and the transmission capacity of the same caliber will be enhanced by 3 to 5 times. The emergence of intelligent electricity will change the whole power system

the third measure of Obama's new energy deal is that the U.S. government plans to invest 150billion in the next five years for large-scale investment in new energy technologies. At present, a series of new energy technology reserves, including superconductivity, smart electricity, solar energy, photovoltaic cells, etc., are sufficient. This is another major direction of American technology reserves after the IT revolution. In fact, it is the preparation of new energy and new technology

another important measure to meet our own needs and even the needs of the world is to stimulate the large-scale use of hybrid electric vehicles. The Obama administration plans to use tax cuts to subsidize Americans with $7000 per hybrid vehicle. It hopes that there will be 1million plug-in hybrid vehicles produced in the United States by 2015

the mixed use of the above Obama energy new deal combination will greatly promote the supply, transmission and use of new energy in the United States, and fundamentally change the energy consumption structure of the United States. On the one hand, the U.S. government closes a gate, that is, enterprises have to charge high fees for high emissions, on the other hand, it invests strong funds to drive from the perspective of national energy strategy. It can be judged that the energy pattern system of the whole United States will undergo major changes

the mystery of Obama's new energy deal

if you calculate an account, you can know that this is definitely the largest wealth arbitrage game in today's human society, which can bring huge benefits to the United States

at present, the annual loss of American electricity is about 150 billion to 500 billion US dollars. To replace it with new intelligent electricity, the medium and long-term investment is about 3 trillion to 5 trillion US dollars. Basically, it can be repaid in 10 years. Obviously, this is a cost-effective investment. The application of new energy systems and energy-saving strategies will lead to a fundamental change in the energy consumption structure of the United States. The annual oil import cost of the United States is $1trillion. If it is reduced by 30%, it can save $300billion. It is estimated that by 2019, the pollutant discharge permit fee may also reach US $600billion per year. The United States may not collect carbon taxes like other countries in a short time, but it will certainly have such plans

on a deeper level, what is the core issue of the US crisis? It is the single currency system based on US dollar paper money that has gone wrong. The single dollar paper money system has brought great benefits to the American people and also brought and burdens to the United States. Americans believe that energy has the ability to replace the dollar paper standard. The dollar can be used as a means of payment, energy can also be used as a means of payment, the dollar can be used as a debt certificate, and energy can also be used as a debt certificate, forming a "dual currency system" of dollar and energy

the United States was the main belligerent in several major wars after World War II, and the oil price soared from more than 20 dollars a barrel to 147 dollars after World War II. Fighting for oil, such as the Iraq war, has made the United States unable to stop. Now the United States is ready to change its thinking: no oil, renewable energy! If the oil demand of the United States decreases by 50%, the international voice of oil exporting countries such as the Middle East, Russia and South America will naturally decline. This can not only solve the problems faced by the United States, but also morally show that the United States is a negative power and has contributed to global warming

in the first industrial revolution, the massive use of coal replaced wood. In the second industrial revolution, oil and electricity began to be used in large quantities. The third industrial revolution is the IT revolution. The typical energy is nuclear energy, but nuclear energy has never become the main energy in the world. Now the fourth industrial revolution aims directly at new energy, and the purpose is to use a large number of wind energy, solar energy, water resources, which are inexhaustible renewable energy

the new energy revolution is also expected to solve the increasingly serious environmental problems. The driving force of human civilization over the past 200 years has been mostly based on carbon combustion, which has come to an end because of two restrictions: one is the limitation of carbon based energy resources, and the other is that carbon based energy combustion produces a large amount of carbon dioxide, which has fundamentally changed the earth's atmospheric structure. Now the concentration of carbon dioxide is ppm. If the critical value is exceeded, severe weather will occur frequently, and the foundation of the whole human civilization will be shaken

therefore, changing global warming is unavoidable for all countries, including the Chinese government, who are very sensitive to this new energy revolution

China's new energy strategy

the central leadership has keenly seen this major international background issue. In a recent speech, Vice Premier Li Keqiang said: the new energy industry is pregnant with new economic growth points and is also the commanding height of a new round of international strategies. The current international financial crisis has brought opportunities to the new energy industry. We should take the development of new energy as an important measure, take enterprises as the main body, strengthen policy guidance, promote the development of wind energy, solar energy, hydropower and new energy vehicles, speed up energy transformation, minimize the consumption of primary resources, minimize the final emission of pollution and waste, and achieve "zero emission", Promote the adjustment of China's energy structure and even industrial structure

renewable energy is the first new source in China. From the perspective of electricity, it will be widely used. According to China's energy development plan, by 2020, solar energy will reach 30%, nuclear power will reach 8%, and wind power will reach 12%. Nuclear power will increase by about 4 times, and solar and wind power will increase by 50%. China's manufacturing level of solar photovoltaic cells is in the leading position in the world, and several ministries and commissions such as the Ministry of construction have a very strong subsidy intensity for solar energy utilization

the other is wind power. China's wind power is now in the process of enclosure and urgently needs to be developed, because the wind power industry is a highly profitable industry. Now our wind power cost is about 0.5 yuan, and the cost of wind power in the United States is 4 cents, which is lower than ours

China's new energy reform breeds great opportunities, such as transmission links. First of all, we should consider the access of the whole electricity to wind, hydropower, solar and other renewable energy sources. Although it cannot be transformed into super conductive in one step, the pilot of digital integration can be carried out in terms of electrical intelligence. Power transmission, household appliance management, power on, radio and television are all covered by one power line, which is not difficult to realize technically. If such a "super electricity" becomes a reality, it will play a major role in improving national strength

there are 50billion square meters of urban and rural buildings in China. The greenhouse gas produced by buildings has its own characteristics, and the emissions account for 1/3 of the total greenhouse gas emissions, while the urban air conditioning system accounts for 50% of the total building energy consumption. If green programs and "zero emission" buildings can be launched in some cities across the country, there will be a huge market. In addition, electric vehicles, including our hybrid electric vehicles, pure electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles, are pushing forward in parallel. Judging from the current development process, the breakthrough of hybrid electric vehicles may be the largest, and the breakthrough of electric vehicles represented by hybrid electric vehicles of BYD in Shenzhen is also very likely. Of course, our battery, charging system and energy conversion measurement and control system are still lagging behind, and there are also great business opportunities

according to the information disclosed by Liang Zhipeng, director of the new energy department of the national energy administration, at the fourth renewable energy financial forum held in Beijing on May 12, with the upcoming introduction of China's new energy revitalization plan and the adjustment of relevant development goals, it is expected that by 2020, China's total investment in the field of new energy will exceed 3trillion yuan. At that time, the investment in the field of new energy will mainly rely on market forces rather than direct government investment

game of carbon standards

the future world will produce a new enterprise evaluation standard, which is "carbon". The impact of carbon emissions on enterprises is huge. Some enterprises look vibrant today, and may suddenly die tomorrow, because their carbon emissions exceed the standard; Some industries look weak now, but they may become a huge industry tomorrow because they conform to the low-carbon trend. Low carbon breeds huge business opportunities, because every enterprise and everyone has something to do with energy

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