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The new energy industry should avoid "getting up early and catching up late"

"the cost of imported lithium batteries accounts for $1000 for the export of electric bicycles priced at less than $1100." A person in charge of a new energy enterprise said with emotion. It is not only the electric vehicle industry that is embarrassed to develop. New energy projects in many parts of China appear to be emerging industries dominated by science and technology, but they are still following the old road of "selling coolies" with labor-intensive and low-cost competition

in recent years, new energy has become a new concept of China's industrial development. All enterprises related to new energy are particularly favored, and all projects that may be implemented are chased by all regions. According to incomplete statistics, 18 provinces in China have proposed to build new energy bases or develop new energy as a pillar industry

new energy is the future development direction and is often regarded as a clean and green industry. As everyone knows, new energy products are green when used, but their manufacturing process is often a different scenario. In the current policy environment, some places are eyeing the national subsidies, blindly embarking on new energy projects in Malaysia, with the brand of high-tech R & D and manufacturing, but engaged in low-tech and high-energy processing and manufacturing. Although there are many "coveted" new energy vehicles in China at present, no enterprise in China has the core technology of energy storage lithium battery. The history of industrial development has proved countless times that in the early stage of industrial development, enterprises may break through the initial technical threshold and join in one after another, but after the rush, the real winners are those who control the core technology. FRP/elastic element fatigue life testing machine is mainly used for fatigue life tests of various bellows, FRP, elastic elements, etc.

the leapfrog development of new energy industry cannot be separated from core technology, but under the current scientific research level in China, core technology is not easy to talk about? In the field of new energy vehicles, Toyota of Japan has long applied for more than 200 patents on hybrid power around the world, which is an insurmountable obstacle for domestic enterprises

then, is there no advantage for China to develop new energy except that it can carry out hot welding and hot bending, and has a low-cost labor force in the manufacturing process? No. As the largest emerging economy in the world, China has a huge market potential. At the same time, in the process of ultra-high speed development, the problem of energy shortage is also more prominent, and the ability to accept new energy products is naturally relatively strong. Therefore, carrying out technology research and development and product promotion according to national conditions can find inexhaustible impetus for the development of new energy industry in the future

as early as 2000, the relevant national departments formulated the "2000-2015 key points of the development plan of new and renewable energy industry", and put forward guiding industrial development strategic goals to guide the development of China's new and renewable energy industry. However, in recent years, the large market environment has brought together a group of innovative resources, and the national new energy industry strategy has not adapted to the market. In some places, policies to promote the development of new energy have not only failed to promote scientific and technological innovation and creation, but have become policies to promote the development of low-end manufacturing industry of new energy

therefore, in order to prevent China's new energy industry from "getting up early and catching up late", we must formulate a long-term plan for the development of new energy according to the national conditions, grasp the two ends of independent innovation and technology promotion, fund high-end research and development and the popularization of new energy products, establish a public platform for new energy research, cultivate independent innovation ability, and strengthen product popularization to win greater public and market support for the new energy industry. As for the intermediate manufacturing link, the market will naturally find the most suitable channel for it, and the government can let it go. Too much encroachment will certainly harm the normal development of the industry

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