The hottest new energy giant ship sailed into Luya

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The new energy giant ship "sailed into" Luyang solar photovoltaic industrial project started yesterday

spring scenery is bright, and flowers are beautiful. This morning, the Hefei optoelectronic industrial base project of CNBM held a grand commencement ceremony in Yaohai Industrial Park. It is reported that the overall investment scale of the project is expected to exceed 10 billion yuan, which is the solution of central enterprises: controller crash: restart the controller to fertilize the single project with the largest investment

provincial leaders Wang Jinshan, Zhan xialai, Ren Haishen, Huang Haisong, Wang Heling, Deputy Secretary General of the provincial government Huang Xiaowu and relevant departments directly under the provincial government are responsible for the same; Song Zhiping, Jiang Junlu, Yao Yan, leaders of China Building Materials Group Corporation; Municipal leaders wucunrong, Huang Tongwen, Dong Zhaoli, Wei Xiaoming, Liu Liedong, and Kong Xuri, Secretary General of the municipal government, attended the ceremony

it is understood that on November 16, 2009, China building materials Bengbu Glass Industry Design and Research Institute and Hefei officially signed an investment cooperation agreement in Shenzhen on the production line of high generation liquid crystal glass substrates and other projects. After a period of preparation, the construction officially started today. Hefei optoelectronic industrial base of China National Building Materials Co., Ltd. was established by Beng 3, a Chinese building materials group Plastic tensile testing machine: the tensile strength of plastic is higher than that of rubber. The overall investment and construction of Dabu glass industry design and Research Institute will produce liquid crystal glass substrates and solar cells, and build Hefei photoelectric Research Institute of building materials. Among them, the TFT-LCD liquid crystal glass substrate production line of high generation 5 creep testing machine with a total investment of 5.5 billion yuan will produce 2.76 million liquid crystal glass substrates every year. By the end of next year, after the completion of phase I production line, the revenue will be 2billion yuan. The base will also build a TCO conductive film glass substrate production line for solar cells, which is too thin to be absolute. In 2011, after the completion of phase I production line, the revenue will reach 1.2 billion yuan. In addition, the Hefei Institute of Optoelectronics of China building materials will also start construction. The Institute will research and develop high-generation flat panel display and photovoltaic industry hub materials, equipment, products and building optoelectronic materials integration technology

the relevant person in charge of Bengbu Glass Industry Design and Research Institute said that the construction of China National Building Materials Hefei photoelectric industrial base project is a major deployment of the spirit of cooperation and docking between central enterprises. After the completion of the base, it will become the largest photoelectric display glass substrate, solar photovoltaic industrial base and one of the most influential national photoelectric research institutes in China

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