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The closed condensate recovery technology provided by Beijing Junfa energy saving company is widely applicable to the steam indirect heating steam equipment system in tobacco, papermaking, beer, wood, chemical and other industries. It can improve the recovery rate of condensate, reduce the amount of water treatment, and effectively alleviate peak heating

application case analysis of closed condensate recovery technology:

in the emergence of spray free bumpers in the original condensate system of a refinery, due to the improper selection of condensate recovery technology, some steam and a large amount of flash steam were discharged into the atmosphere; At the same time, the water pump is often damaged by cavitation, resulting in the direct discharge and waste of most high-temperature condensate. In order to make full use of these high-quality condensate, the plant adopted the technology of "closed condensate recovery system" to carry out energy-saving transformation of the original system by stages

after the transformation, considerable energy-saving benefits have been achieved, the production cost has been reduced, and the product quality has been significantly improved

Introduction to closed condensate recovery technology of Beijing Junfa energy saving company

transformation of condensate recovery system in order to evaluate its low-speed impact performance, the key is how to eliminate cavitation under the condition of ensuring normal production. Cavitation phenomenon refers to that high-temperature saturated water will release steam under the condition of pressure reduction, and the generated steam will suddenly liquefy and condense into water when entering the high-pressure area, causing the bubble to burst. If this process is repeated, it will damage the surface of the parts in this area. In addition to all kinds of related corrosion, it will eventually cause spongy or honeycomb cavitation damage. The consequences of cavitation are to destroy the continuity of the steam transmission process, increase resistance, block the flow channel, and seriously affect the efficiency and normal production of the water pump. In the past, in order to eliminate cavitation, manufacturers often recycled condensate by reducing pressure to release a large amount of flash steam to reduce cavitation sources. But this practice will undoubtedly cause energy waste. Therefore, to solve the cavitation phenomenon of the water pump, the best way is to make the pressure entering the water pump exceed the cavitation pressure, so as to fundamentally avoid the occurrence of cavitation. The main working principle of the closed condensate recovery technology is to use the pressurization principle of the jet pump to establish an anti cavitation theory suitable for the transportation of high-temperature saturated water, and finally reasonably design the jet pump to solve the cavitation problem of the water pump

as mentioned above, it is very effective and feasible to adopt closed condensate recovery technology to improve the utilization efficiency of steam

monitoring of the refinery project:

(1) the boiler thermal efficiency is increased from 65.12% before the transformation to 70.8%

(2) the annual energy-saving benefit is 627700 yuan

(3) reduce the smoke exhaust, slag discharge and other related environmental pollution of the original system. 7991t CO2 is reduced every year

(4) economic benefits: the internal rate of return of the project is 65.82%; The payback period of the project investment (the discount rate is 6%) is 1.5 years; The financial net present value of the project (the calculation period is 8 years, and the discount rate is 6%) is 1280500 yuan

market potential and promotion prospect of closed condensate recovery technology

at present, the problems faced by most enterprises in the condensate recovery system are mainly reflected in the failure to make full and reasonable use of high-temperature condensate, the inability to overcome serious cavitation and the wrong selection of steam traps

closed condensate recovery technology improves many disadvantages of the original open system to a great extent, and can be widely used in tobacco, beer, paper and chemical industries

according to incomplete statistics, more than 40000 enterprises and institutions across the country have mature conditions for condensate recovery, but so far only 5.5% of enterprises have adopted this technology, so its huge market potential and broad promotion prospects are obvious

case source enterprise evaluation:

in June 1996 and December 1998, we used closed condensate recovery technology to restore the two pillar process workshops in the factory - hanging rod. We can complete the energy-saving transformation of the condensate recovery system in the calibration baking workshop and threshing and redrying workshop at your place or in our factory measurement laboratory. Make the originally underutilized high-temperature condensate directly become boiler feed water after passing through the water collecting irrigation and anti cavitation device in the closed recovery system; At the same time, flash steam can be used for thermal deaeration or heating bath water, which reduces the energy consumption of flue-cured tobacco and improves the thermal efficiency of the boiler

to sum up, the reformed closed condensate recovery system not only significantly reduces the energy consumption and corresponding costs in 2013, supports and promotes the cause of environmental protection, but also greatly shortens the operation time of the boiler and extends its maintenance interval and service life

since the adoption of this technology can bring good economic and social benefits, it is recommended that enterprises with similar conditions with our factory adopt this technology to benefit from it. (end)

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