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Qinghai new energy has a rapid development momentum, and Sanjiangyuan clean heating is smarter

after the school has installed the intelligent comprehensive energy consumption control system, we can carry out remote real-time monitoring of the electric boiler in the campus, effectively analyze the boiler load trend and centralized control and regulation, so that the electric boiler can operate with optimal efficiency. This can save about 20% of our energy consumption. " On August 7, the head of Huashixia boarding primary school in Maduo County, Qinghai Province said

in July this year, the demonstration project of intelligent comprehensive energy use of Huashixia boarding primary school in Maduo County was put into operation. This is the first intelligent comprehensive energy use demonstration project in Qinghai, which provides a demonstration for the Sanjiangyuan intelligent energy clean heating construction and transformation project currently under construction. It is also the latest case of the extension and expansion of Qinghai electric power company from "power supply service" to "power supply + energy efficiency service"

clean heating has greatly changed the lives of farmers and herdsmen

"have you heard that now a 'big project' is going to be carried out, and in the future, all the people in the three river source area can enjoy clean heating in accordance with jjf1104 (2) 003" rules for the compilation of national metrological verification system tables " "Of course I heard. Look, all the coal boilers in the town have been dismantled and will be replaced by electric boilers." On August 5, Cairen from HUASHIXIA Town, Maduo County and Dong que, who came to the house as a guest, were drinking fragrant milk tea while chatting

what they call the "big project" is the construction and transformation project of Sanjiangyuan smart energy clean heating. This clean heating smart energy demonstration project with leading technology and the combination of source, load and storage will help farmers and herdsmen in 21 counties of Sanjiangyuan bid farewell to the days of burning cow dung and straw for heating in the next five years and enjoy a smart green new life

guoqinghai electric power is one of the supporting units of this project. When participating in the preparation of the construction plan, it subdivides the heating types of customers in combination with regional energy resources, climatic conditions, ecological environment and other factors, and customized various flexible heating methods such as regenerative electric boilers, regenerative air source heat pumps, photovoltaic + energy storage + regenerative electric heating according to the housing structure and heat load characteristics of various types of customers

at the same time, the company focuses on the optimization needs of customers' energy use, integrates the concepts of smart energy use and energy interconnection into the construction plan, and formulates a replicable and popularized clean heating technology route according to local conditions, so as to promote the use of energy on the user side to be smarter and more efficient

the monitoring platform helps Sanjiangyuan area to upgrade its energy use.

"we will learn from the experience of the construction of the intelligent comprehensive energy use demonstration project of Huashixia primary school, and make 2.1 experimental machines or parts and components with large weight easy to lift and install. We will build a Sanjiangyuan clean heating intelligent energy use monitoring and management platform, carry out centralized intelligent control of heating equipment in 21 counties of Sanjiangyuan, and achieve comprehensive perception and safety monitoring of customers' energy use." On August 7, Li Bingsheng, director of Qinghai electric power marketing department, introduced

compared with the provincial smart energy service platform, Sanjiangyuan clean heating smart energy monitoring and management platform has more professional and accurate management and control. Based on energy interconnection, big data, cloud computing and other means, through intelligent analysis, it realizes the linkage and intelligent regulation of power operation, new energy consumption and electric boiler operation, maximizes the application of demand response, reduces power investment, and improves the level of new energy consumption

"at present, Qinghai's new energy has a rapid development momentum. Through the Sanjiangyuan clean heating intelligent energy consumption monitoring and management platform, during the period of large new energy generation, effectively guide the load side to absorb photovoltaic power generation and wind power nearby, and improve the utilization rate of new energy." Li Bingsheng said. Due to the relatively weak power infrastructure in Sanjiangyuan area, during the period of weak new energy output, if the customer's demand for electricity increases and there is a power supply gap, the power supply company can use the platform centralized intelligent control 1069 to reduce 1.93%, take advantage of the interconnection advantages of big power, and make use of the power transmission section capacity to realize the optimal allocation of peak shaving resources of different types of mechanization in the shortest time, which can not only ensure the customer's worry free power consumption, It can also reduce the cost of electricity investment

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