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Case analysis II of Mexican confectionery retail food packaging technology

advanced packaging

in order to prepare to launch its La Reina brand anchor fatigue testing machine with vertical resealable pockets and what are the functional characteristics of the equipment, in 2001, Grupo embolsador company began to build a new factory with a cost of 5million dollars, which is fully equipped with vertical vertical molding/filling/sealing machinery, so as to equip zippers on the production line

this new plant in Mexico City covers an area of 2000 square meters (21500 square feet). At present, it is equipped with four sets of vf/f/s machines, two sets of equipment are about to be delivered, and the other two are in production. According to Buchanan, when all eight machines are put into operation, the factory can produce 492 tons of sugar per day

Buchanan said that the new factory started production in May 2003, and zip Pak sent personnel to provide technical support on site to assist the smooth progress of production

the final packaging package includes 1 kg and 2 kg bags with triangular bottom made of biaxial oriented polypropylene/polyethylene laminated film. The film is processed and produced by novacel, S.A. de C.V. (the company was acquired by Pechiney plastic packaging company in August 2003). The considerations of choosing membrane structure and the requirements of zippers. These materials can meet the requirements of the charging pile shell for weather resistance, drop resistance, environmental protection and so on. The "mode" is similar: economy and function. "Vertical bags consume 40% more film than pillow packaging we used before," he explained. "As the cost of extra film rises, this layered structure is about twice the cost we used to spend on each bag. We try to find a compromise point, that is, to find a high-quality film that is neither easy to break or tear, and this material is not too expensive."

a design company designed graphics for the new packaging. The picture is a printmaking showing the workers harvesting sugarcane. Red sugarcane belongs to the category of AZ 渃 ar EST 噉 Dar (standard sugar), and green sugarcane belongs to the level of AZ 渃 ar refinada (which can be used to detect and refine various materials such as stretching, tightening, bending, tearing, shearing, stripping, etc.). There is a transparent window in front of the bag to see the products inside. There is a yellow edge on the top of the bag, printed with the logo of zip Pak company and the phrase "resale packaging" or "resealable packaging", which clearly highlights the zipper characteristics of the bag. Buchanan said that the size of the bag was determined by the processing capacity of the vf/f/s equipment of Grupo embolsador

this multi-functional, direct display bag can be placed flat in the carton to save shipping volume. They are also easy to take and can be directly moved from the carton to the store shelf, saving time and providing convenience for retailers, consumers and other groups

"our first promotion was very successful," Buchanan said. "Those retail owners who previously ignored our products and decided to purchase goods according to the price are now rushing to sign an order contract to buy La Reina brand products in new packaging."

the production area is enclosed by tempered glass, and the incoming air is filtered to make the inhaled air reach the best sanitary conditions. All operators of Grupo embolsador who come into contact with sugar must wear protective clothing with hoods and boots

sweet success

grupo embolsador is also rapidly promoting brand publicity to end consumers. Consumers have recognized La Reina as the first sugar brand packaged in vertical resealable bags. "The concept that sugar can be stored in one operation on the original package without pouring unused materials into another container has quickly attracted market attention," Buchanan said. "Now consumers have been asking where our zipper bags are sold. We also found that if the packaging quality is good, consumers here will wash it and reuse it, which will magnify the effect of our investment in packaging graphics and brand communication."

the sales of La leina products are higher than the planned sales. Grupo embolsador is confident to achieve the goal of exporting the new packaged sugar brand. "Reforming our packaging design was a big decision, but it succeeded," Buchanan said. "Now it has paid off, because people believe that the vertical bag with zipper is unique to La Reina brand."


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