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Gansu Electric Power new energy research has entered the international frontier. Wang Duo, chief engineer of Gansu Electric Power Company, said on the 7th that the research in the field of smart power and new energy in Gansu has entered the domestic and even international frontier, which can provide demonstration and reference for the development and construction of large-scale wind power at home and abroad

the reason why Wang Duo said so stems from the launch of the National 863 key project "key technology and demonstration application of electric friendly new energy development" in Gansu Province. He said that the project is an important part of the key technology research project of intelligent power advanced analysis and optimal operation, and it is a key technical link to solve the development of large-scale wind power

in this regard, liwenqing, director of the Department of science and technology of Gansu Province, believes that the above projects have played a good demonstration and driving role in the overall improvement of the level of scientific and technological innovation in Gansu. "

Wang Duo said that the above project is another major national scientific and technological research task undertaken by the company after the 863 project of "research and development of wind farm and photovoltaic power station cluster control system" in 2011. It is an important topic to realize the transformation from early theoretical research and practice to productivity, to improve the current situation of wind power consumption in Jiuquan, Gansu Province, and to provide demonstration and reference for the development and construction of large-scale wind power at home and abroad. "

the power department said that the company has carried out and completed 11 major smart power projects, including: large-scale wind power prediction and operation control, large-scale new energy power generation cluster control, electric vehicle charging and replacement facilities, Smart Substation and smart park construction, etc. these projects cover all aspects of power generation, transmission, transformation, distribution, power consumption and dispatching, which are important to meet the diversified power needs of users, Promoting renewable energy development and low-carbon development has played a positive role

Gansu Electric power is a typical power transmission type, with 750/330 kV as the main frame. Through 10 times of leading group member units, the responsible comrades of relevant departments and bureaus are responsible for the 750 kV lines of office members, and 15 times of 330 kV lines are connected with Shaanxi, Ningxia, Qinghai and new four provinces with two horizontal connecting rods, and each wheel is connected. It is the living room in the "four rooms and one hall" of Northwest Electric geographical structure, playing the role of northwest regional electric power exchange center

during the 12th Five Year Plan period, Gansu Electric Power Company plans to complete 66.6 billion yuan of investment in power construction, add 8878 kilometers of 110 kV and above transmission lines, and have a transformation capacity of 35.34 million KVA. In the morning of March 4, the construction of ± 800 kV Kazakhstan is being stepped up. Mi Zhengzhou UHV DC, 750 kV Xinjiang northwest link second channel and 750 kV Lanzhou East tianshui-11. Host form: portal frame structure Baoji Power Transmission and transformation project, which will further improve the ability to transmit surplus power across regions and provinces after it is put into operation in 2013

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