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New energy has become a new opportunity for the development of low-voltage electrical appliances. Intellectualization has become the mainstream direction.

the rapid development of new energy has provided a development opportunity for the intellectualization of the low-voltage electrical appliances industry. Low voltage electrical appliances have expanded to photovoltaic power generation inverters, new energy control and protection systems, distributed energy, energy storage equipment, DC switchgear and other fields, and can provide overall solutions, This field is a new important economic growth point for the low-voltage electrical appliance industry. Nan Yin, chairman of Beijing People's Electrical Appliance Factory Co., Ltd., said at the 2014 9th CNEEC equipment innovation and development forum held on June 21 that Jinan experimental machine factory Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. welcomes you. Low voltage appliances are required in all links of large-scale photovoltaic parallel power generation system, such as PLC, reversible contactor, photovoltaic combiner box, AC distribution panel, transformer and other equipment in photovoltaic array. Specifically, in order to reduce the number of connections between photovoltaic modules and inverters, facilitate maintenance, improve reliability and reduce costs, DC combiner devices are generally added between photovoltaic modules and inverters

the construction of new energy brings opportunities for low-voltage electrical appliances

the application of distributed generation technology can bring many benefits, but it is also accompanied by adverse effects such as randomness, intermittency and difficulty in regulation, so it often needs to be assisted by other regulation means. Renewable energy power generation and high-efficiency power generation based on fossil energy will be widely used in the power system. This trend will lead to changes in the structure, operation, management and control mode of electricity, and the electric energy storage system will become the key equipment in the future electricity. Sun Changji, chairman of the China Electrotechnical Society, said at the Forum on distributed generation, energy storage and micro electric technology and equipment. The construction of smart electricity and the development of new energy have brought new opportunities to China's low-voltage electrical industry. At present, smart electricity has entered an important period of construction. China's urbanization construction is proceeding rapidly, and the intelligent construction of urban and rural power distribution will also be carried out in an all-round way. Smart electricity and smart heat-treatable reinforced aluminum alloy thick plate are a class of high-tech and high value-added product sets. Smart power distribution and control system will usher in a golden period of development. At the same time, a large number of new energy power generation is growing, which has brought opportunities and challenges to China's low-voltage electrical appliance industry

from the technical point of view, under the background of industrial restructuring and the realization of low-carbon economic development, the new generation of energy-saving, material saving and high-performance low-voltage electrical products will get greater development, and the market demand is becoming increasingly strong, which also provides a difficult opportunity for the transformation and upgrading of the low-voltage electrical industry. At the same time, with the continuous development of the production technology of low-voltage electrical appliances, through repeated experiments and continuous improvement, the new generation of intelligent low-voltage electrical appliances with intelligent, modular and communicable characteristics will become the mainstream products in the market, and the market share of medium and high-end low-voltage electrical appliances will be further expanded. Taking photovoltaic as an example, the photovoltaic system puts forward new requirements for low-voltage electrical appliances, such as high voltage, high protection, high altitude, large temperature difference, high service life, high reliability, etc. manufacturing enterprises must improve low-voltage electrical appliances, improve material insulation level, improve shell matching accuracy, reduce heating and reduce temperature rise, select low-temperature resistant materials, improve the electrical wear resistance of materials, and strictly control from material selection, redundant design to process optimization, Optimize production, processing and testing equipment, and gradually develop towards automation and intelligence. Said bohaomin, chief engineer of Shanghai Nader electric (002706, Guba) Co., Ltd

transformation and upgrading to intelligent and high-end

in recent years, China's low-voltage electrical industry has developed from simple assembly, imitation manufacturing to self-development and design. Now it has developed to nearly 1000 series, about 1500 production enterprises, and the fourth generation of intelligent low-voltage electrical appliances with an annual output value of about 20billion. According to the trend of national policies, the product structure of low-voltage electrical appliances needs to be further adjusted in the coming period of time. The Dutch legislation affirms that waste treatment first is to avoid the generation of waste. Products with backward technology, large volume, high energy consumption and environmental pollution will be eliminated. China's low-voltage electrical appliances industry shows a trend of further improving the concentration and upgrading from medium and low-end to medium and high-end. According to incomplete statistics, more than 80% of the electric energy of the power system is transmitted to users through the distribution network at the user end and consumed on the terminal electrical equipment. The user end covers all equipment and systems for power transmission, distribution, control, protection and energy management from power transformers to electrical equipment, mainly including intelligent low-voltage appliances, intelligent meters and intelligent building systems. As the core electrical equipment that plays the role of control and protection in the user end, low-voltage apparatus is characterized by large quantity and wide range, which is at the bottom of the electric energy chain and an important part of building a strong and intelligent electricity. Therefore, in order to build smart electricity, we must first realize the intellectualization of low-voltage appliances at the user end, which is the cornerstone of electricity. The intelligent distribution network at the user end thus constructed is an important foundation for smart electricity. Networking, comprehensive intelligence and communicable low-voltage appliances will be the mainstream development direction in the future

smart electricity is to realize energy substitution and compatible utilization. It needs to integrate the data in the system and optimize the operation and management of the system on the basis of creating an open system and establishing a shared information mode. Intelligent low-voltage apparatus is the basic component of building intelligent electricity. Guan Ruiliang, executive deputy general manager of Changshu switch manufacturing Co., Ltd., said, for example, the low-voltage intelligent circuit breaker must have the functions of protection, operation parameter measurement, maintenance, communication and so on. Intelligent low-voltage electrical appliances must meet the requirements of excellent performance, reliable operation, small product volume, combined design, communication, energy conservation and environmental protection, and have the functions of protection, monitoring, communication, self diagnosis, display, etc., which are necessary to realize electrical intelligence

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