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Case study on the establishment and implementation of environmental management system in automobile enterprises

in today's society, economic development and environmental issues have become the focus of widespread concern. The whole production and operation process of automobile enterprises and the use, maintenance and scrapping of their products may have a significant impact on the environment. Therefore, with the development of China's automobile industry and the widespread use of automobile products, it is more and more necessary for automobile enterprises to establish and implement an environmental management system, and the promotion of ISO1400 environmental certification has promoted the sustainable development of this field to a certain extent. According to incomplete statistics, as of May 2003, more than 55000 enterprises in the world have passed the environmental management system certification, of which only about 100 enterprises in China's automotive industry have been certified, less than 5% of the total number of automotive enterprises

Toyota's environmental management system

Toyota Motor Corporation of Japan is one of the world's top ten automobile manufacturers, second only to General Motors of the United States. It established a special environmental management organization "factory environmental management committee" as early as 1963, formulated the Toyota Earth Environment Charter in 1992, and passed its relevant certification at the beginning of the promulgation of ISO14000 standard

Toyota has formed a complete environmental management system, and has a strict organizational structure of responsibility at all levels. The specific environmental protection organizational structure. These experimental machines we produce are produced according to national standards, as shown in the figure: Figure Factory environmental protection organization

source: implementation cases of environmental management system (China Standards Press)

Toyota has always regarded environmental protection as one of the most important topics, Strive to embody the spirit of environmental protection at every stage of the life cycle from the development, production, use to scrap of automobiles. At present, the company is studying the environmental protection topics of "prevention of greenhouse effect", "prevention of air pollution" and "effective utilization of resources", as shown in the figure. Figure current environmental protection issues and undertakings of Toyota Motor source: official station of Toyota Motor Company

environmental management system of Dongfeng Motor Company

Dongfeng Motor Company, as the first super large automobile group and automobile enterprise in China to pass ISO14001, has also achieved considerable results in this regard. The company began to implement cleaner production in 1994. Its general idea is that all professional factories (selected 20 subsidiaries of Taizhou advantageous plastic commodity brand enterprises) take the opportunity of establishing cleaner production workshops, find out the links and causes of material loss and pollutants through the implementation of cleaner production audit, and then control the production links by taking measures such as process update, equipment transformation, optimization of logistics, etc., and pay attention to the environmental benefits of products, Achieve the comprehensive purpose of "energy saving, consumption reduction, pollution reduction and efficiency increase". Through cleaner production, Dongfeng has not only established a good environmental protection brand, but also accumulated rich experience for Dongfeng Motor Company in establishing and implementing environmental management system

since 2001, Dongfeng Motor Corporation has begun to implement the environmental management system. Since ISO14000 standard clearly stipulates the system requirements of the environmental management system, such as planning, implementation and operation, inspection and correction, management review, etc., this provides a scientific basis for Dongfeng Motor Corporation to establish and implement a standardized environmental management system. Dongfeng Motor Corporation carries out dynamic circular management of environmental work through a three-level management system, Achieve the purpose of continuously improving environmental management. Recently, Dongfeng Motor Corporation is establishing a management system of environment, occupational safety and health to achieve comprehensive and effective management of environment and safety

although Dongfeng Motor Corporation has made a series of gratifying achievements in environmental management, there are still many deficiencies and management loopholes compared with foreign famous automobile enterprises, such as Toyota Motor Corporation mentioned above. For example, the organization of Toyota's environmental management system is strict, from the president to the plant's environmental protection director and then to the environmental protection administrator, and special personnel are responsible for every link from water quality, atmosphere, noise and vibration, waste; Dongfeng Motor only has the feature of few peripheral circuits. The superior company has a special environmental protection department. When the environmental management system is implemented to the subordinate subsidiaries, there are only individual environmental protection specialists in the production department, and there is no detailed division of labor between environmental protection specialists. In addition, the environmental management system of most Chinese automobile enterprises is still imperfect, lacking basic management system and comprehensive system control. Some enterprises even ignore the relevant laws of environmental management and only focus on quality management. Therefore, it is imperative for automobile enterprises to establish a sound environmental management system as soon as possible. The most important part of the tensile testing machine is the sensor


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