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Laizhou Hansen building materials Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of clip art wired glass

clip art wired glass should not be placed horizontally or obliquely during transportation, and the glass should avoid collision with hard objects during transportation to avoid damaging the glass. When not in use for the time being, it should be stored in a dry room. It should be placed vertically on the A-shaped shelf, inclined to the vertical plane, and fixed with ropes. Before installation, high temperature exposure, high temperature rain and other climatic environments should be avoided. The glass on the construction site should be stored in a ventilated and dry place. In case of sudden weather changes and heavy rain, the construction personnel should timely provide guidance for the development of China's new chemical materials industry at the current stage, inspect the site, and prevent the glass packaging box from soaking in water, resulting in water seepage and discoloration at the edge of the wired glass

although the laminated glass will burst in the fire, it will not collapse and puncture due to the support of metal wires or. The laminated glass produced by Laizhou Hansen building materials Co., Ltd. can maintain integrity to a considerable extent, prevent the flow of air, and have a good resistance to the spread of fire. Wire and glass clips are also suitable for earthquake proof occasions. Wire and glass clips are customized, such as buildings with high requirements for disaster protection and factories with industrial vibration

the metal in the wired glass strengthens the glass and effectively overcomes the brittleness of the glass. Even if it is broken by great impact or vibration, the glass fragments are still stuck together. Where to buy the wired glass, it will not fly out and hurt people. Because of its reliability and safety, some countries later specified that wired glass must be used in high-rise buildings

Laizhou Hansen building materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996. After more than 20 years, the company began to process glass products alone, and gradually developed into a diversified company, with good services and products. It has been constantly affirmed and trusted by new and old users and people in the industry, and now the "purchasing force" team is growing

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