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LANXESS and China Petrochemical Federation jointly launched the "green rubber day"

on December 2, following the successful holding of the first China Rubber day in Macao in 2010, LANXESS and China Federation of petroleum and chemical industries held the second China Rubber day - "green rubber day" in Beijing. This activity provides a platform for many experts from government agencies, industry and academia to fully exchange information, and also enables the public to further understand how high-performance rubber can meet the challenges brought by the growing wave of motorization. The event was also supported by China Rubber Industry Association, China Synthetic Rubber Industry Association, German Rubber Research Institute, Beijing University of chemical technology and Qingdao University of science and technology, which were also partners in the event

speed accuracy about 300 representatives from government agencies, their experimental tooling, in principle, sprouts and practical use to give you crazy phase 1 industry, academic institutions and the media attended this grand event. Relevant meetings focused on the wave of motorization; Market potential of high performance rubber; The role of multi-functional products in leading innovation, and how this industry responds to people's growing demand for green transportation

"in 2009, in order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the invention of synthetic rubber, we launched a series of rubber day activities in Germany. The green rubber day we held in Beijing is not only improving production efficiency, but also inheriting this activity." Martin Kraemer, CEO of langshanda China, said, "together with the China Federation of petroleum and chemical industries, we will build this event into a very constructive forum to promote the exchange of ideas and improve people's understanding of high-performance rubber and green tires."

statistics show that tires cause 20% to 30% of vehicle fuel consumption and about 24% of carbon dioxide emissions. Overall, road traffic accounts for 18% of global carbon dioxide emissions. Therefore, it is not surprising that laws and regulations to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from cars start with tyres. For example, the upcoming EU tire labeling regulations

"green tires made of high-performance rubber can reduce vehicle fuel consumption by 5%-7%, thereby significantly reducing carbon dioxide emissions," Ke Maoting said. LANXESS previously commissioned relevant institutions to carry out research on green tires and tire labels, and announced the research results during the rubber day event. The research report includes an analysis of China's tire industry and its development trends

"China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation is pleased to co host this world-class event with Langsheng," said Li Shousheng, executive vice president of the Federation. "The purpose of this meeting is to promote people to discuss how to deal with the automotive consumption boom that China is facing in a sustainable way. The experts at the meeting focused on hot topics such as green tires. China, as an important global automotive market and tire production country, is undoubtedly a hot spot of concern."

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