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Advantages of ECM machine tools compared with other processing methods

in order to meet the market demand for high-performance and high-efficiency machining, innovative processing equipment and processing methods should be used. High precision ECM can help customers preheat and avoid the effect of residual internal pressure caused by sudden cooling of plastics in extrusion, so as to improve processing efficiency. The company's products have covered more than 210 provinces, cities and At the same time, the autonomous region can reduce the wear of cathode and improve the precision of repeated processing

Compared with other processing methods, ECM has the following characteristics:

1. It can process materials with various hardness and strength. As long as it is metal, no matter how hard and strong it is, it can be processed

2. The productivity is high, about times that of EDM. In some cases, it is higher than that of machining, and the machining productivity is not directly limited by machining accuracy and surface roughness. There are more workpieces processed in a single processing cycle, so the processing cost per unit workpiece can be reduced. Rough machining, finish machining and polishing can be realized in a single machining cycle - the workpiece will not appear burrs. Automatic processing can be realized - it can be easily used with the processing production line

3. Good surface quality, no residual stress and metamorphic layer, no flash, knife marks and burrs. Under normal conditions, the surface roughness Ra can reach 0.2-1.2, but 5pm, and the average machining accuracy is about ± imm. The mechanical clamping parts, cathode vibration frequency and DC pulse frequency have been strictly adjusted, and the excellent electrochemical machining quality ensures the stable machining accuracy, with extremely high repeated machining accuracy. The relevant parameters are continuously monitored to ensure the controllability of the processing process

4. Cathode tools are not lost in theory and can basically be used for a long time. At present, the main problem of ECM is that the machining accuracy is difficult to be strictly controlled, and the dimensional accuracy can only reach 0 30mm。

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