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LANXESS is targeting the growing rubber product market in Turkey. LANXESS, a special chemicals group, plans to further expand its business in the Turkish market. LANXESS's subsidiary in Istanbul (.) It was officially established recently and will be responsible for Langsheng's business in this growing market. In 2011, LANXESS set a sales record of 125million euros in Turkey, which is almost three times that of 2009

"the establishment of a subsidiary in Turkey is another important milestone in our global growth path. The Turkish market is extremely important to LANXESS, not only because it is located at the junction of the East and the west, but also the growth engine of the whole region," said itmann, chairman of the board of LANXESS group. LANXESS predicts that the Turkish economy will grow at a rate of 4% to 5% annually in, far faster than that of Western European countries

LANXESS Turkey's business covers all product lines, including high-performance polymers, special chemicals and high-quality chemical intermediates. Its main products are high-performance rubber products used in automobile manufacturing, rubber chemicals and high-tech plastics, as well as various pigments used in the construction industry. Before the establishment of LANXESS' Turkish subsidiary, LANXESS carried out business activities through dealers

the automobile and tire industries are Langsheng's two most important markets in Turkey. LANXESS predicts that the Turkish automotive industry will grow by 8.5% in 2013, and the safety of operators will be guaranteed by 3.5% every year in; The rate of growth. In terms of the production cost of these products in the construction industry in belfroshu, LANXESS expects the growth of the Turkish construction industry to reach 4% - 5% in the next few years

at the beginning of its establishment, LANXESS Turkey subsidiary had a total of 20 employees, and the connective tissue filled in the damaged part was more fragile than the bone tissue ouml; Merbakir served as general manager

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