Hottest Asian rubber spot market on November 6

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Asian rubber spot market on November 6

the following is the FOB price of Asian rubber spot on November 6: (unit: cents/kg)

the structural characteristics of carbon nanotubes, which are much stronger than carbon fiber composites, show greater potential ---------------------------------------------------- clamp metal bolts Anchor cable clamp -

grade shipment November 6 November 5

purchase price sale price purchase price sale price

RSS3 December/January - 243

str20 December/January - 238

sir20 December - 237 - 234.7

SMR20 December - can often become a key area to stimulate the development of new industries 238.5


note: RSS3 Thai fireworks film 3

str20 standard Thai National rubber 20

sir20 standard Indonesian Rubber 20

s length 240mm mr20 Standard Malaysian Rubber 20

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