Today we are going to announce a big event 0

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Today, we're going to announce a major event...

breaking ten thousand

today, We want to announce a major event

that is

Lingyu Auto's official Tiktok account has more than 10000 fans

compared with Tiktok big V

this achievement may not be much

but it is the result of Lingyu Auto's step-by-step efforts

in this new platform for traditional manufacturing industry

Lingyu took the first step

and gradually came out of its own characteristics



in the period when Lingyu auto Tiktok account was established What have we done in time

data display

the efforts and efforts of the whole team of Lingyu automobile are behind the never optimistic broadcast volume to achieve hundreds of thousands of levels of growth, which is also inseparable from everyone's support and recognition

operation improvement

both the weekly number of visitors and the weekly number of new fans showed a stable year-on-year growth trend; The exposure index is also rising. Ling Yu believes that small steps can lead to thousands of miles, and streams can be gathered to form rivers

Lingyu chronicle

1. In July 2019, CIMC vehicles group was listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange, and its backbone enterprise Lingyu auto sent a congratulatory message

2. In December 2019, the maintenance of mixer truck named by fans was put on the agenda, and Lingyu automobile launched winter maintenance precautions to escort the majority of tank car drivers

3. In February 2020, the first batch of Pathfinder mixer trucks of Lingyu embarked on the journey. Under the epidemic, Lingyu automobile broke through the siege and delivered smoothly with close attention to meet the production and construction needs of customers

4. In May 2020, the first phase of the Apocalypse project, a major project of Lingyu automobile, was completed and broadcast live. The upgraded production line was shocked, and the mystery was finally unveiled. CIMC Lingyu embarked on a new journey of intelligence

5. In July 2020, the unveiling ceremony of CIMC Lingyu FAW liberation joint development base was held in Luoyang. Lingyu automobile further expanded the depth of cooperation and realized the optimal combination of strong and strong cooperation

fan comments

and there are many such events on Lingyu auto Tiktok account... Interested friends can scan the QR code below to follow

Tiktok scanning code pays attention to us

Tiktok number: CIMC_ Linyu

Lingyu auto

since the establishment of Tiktok account, Lingyu auto is also constantly exploring a suitable development path. We integrated and released the tank car products you want to know, popularized tank car maintenance with professional knowledge, and recorded our own development process, etc

during the period when the innovation group was preparing to standardize the listing, there were praise, doubt, approval and denial, which gave us the impetus to move forward. Lingyu knows that good content is the magic weapon to win at a time when attention is scarce. We will continue to work hard to provide you with more and better content


of course, we also focus on the development of organic chemical raw materials and new chemical materials, and we need everyone's participation, because participation is the best support. About Lingda, the largest electronic universal testing machine in China, such as ordinary steel, with an experimental force of 1000KN and a level 1 Jiyu automobile, what do you want to see most? Or if you have any suggestions for the current content, please leave a message in the comment area! In addition, we have long solicited short videos related to Lingyu automobile. We sincerely welcome everyone to contribute enthusiastically. Once the suggestions and videos are adopted, there will be rich remuneration and surprise gifts. What are you waiting for? Hurry up

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