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Asia will become the largest PLC market in 2016

according to the analysts of arc Consulting Group, Asia will recover from the current economic turmoil faster, and will become the largest PLC market in the world from 2016. Most of the current problems are cyclical in nature, and long-term indicators point nowhere, but. That is, "the environmental conditions (including platform environment) around the tested product created by the experimental equipment should meet the requirements of the environmental conditions and their tolerances specified in the product experimental specifications". Nevertheless, the era of long-term double-digit growth will not return

emerging markets in China and Asia are driving the development demand in this regard. The main construction contents are: 200000 t/a BDO unit, 60000 T/a PTMEG unit, 400000 T/a calcium carbide unit, 200000 t/a methanol unit and other projects. Their growth will continue to be higher than the average level. In addition to Japan, China, South Korea and Taiwan have now established themselves as part of the global machinery market. These markets will also turn to higher-end automation and develop more advanced machinery exports during the forecast period

the Renaissance of manufacturing, the resurgence of industry 4.0 and manufacturing in developed markets is a description of the future manufacturing industry. However, whether this is just wishful thinking, or whether these manufacturing and automation are just re emerging in developed countries, is not known. PLC and PLC based PAC Global Market Research Stern said: "This aspect includes the main author of the commercial feasibility study, arc analyst Florian g ldner said.

re Outsourcing: for the long-term potential of the PLC market?

the manufacturing process returns to developed countries, including previous outsourcing and lower wages, such as the transfer of emerging market countries in Eastern Europe and Asia to overseas production.

in some regions, arc believes that this trend has great potential, especially when it involves industries that need Fast response, changing consumer preferences. The re outsourcing industry will automate the production of larger components to offset the wage structure in developed countries. In the long run, we expect this to have a slight positive impact on market development

manufacturing Renaissance - technical requirements

in revitalizing the short market, the PLC required by the degree of automation will be added to support information driven manufacturing, which will be directly to consumption in the MES and ERP layers of factory workshops and in some cases?? By. In addition, PLC needs to process a large amount of data to return them to a higher-level system. The result is self optimization, network physical system and modularization and factory

plc integrated security and network security, but in the future, it also needs to integrate energy management, analysis and other functions

driven by the needs of manufacturing Renaissance, consumers' needs respond. The largest number of consumers is still in Europe, Lu Hao said, Japan and North America. However, the rising wealth of the urban middle class in emerging economies has reduced the transportation cost and time of incentive mechanism transfer manufacturing, as long as it is controllable. Arc believes that this development will further promote PLC's emerging markets in Asia

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