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Latest introduction: what is the difference between Lenovo's new pro13 2021 and 2020? Which one to choose

the Lenovo Xiaoxin pro13 2021 has been officially launched for pre-sale. What is the difference between the Lenovo Xiaoxin pro13 2021 and 2020? Which is better? Let's take a look at the detailed differences and purchase suggestions, for the reference of friends in need

I. what is the difference between Lenovo Xiaoxin pro13 2021 and 2020

the main difference between the Lenovo Xiaoxin pro13 2021 and 2020 notebooks is that the processors are different. The Lenovo Xiaoxin pro13 2021 is upgraded to the latest generation 11 processor, and the 2020 is the generation 10 processor. The 2021 has better performance; Second, the graphics card is different. The 2021 model is upgraded to mx450 independent graphics card, and the 2020 model is mx350 independent graphics card; Thirdly, in terms of interfaces, the 2021 model has a lightning 4 interface, while the 2020 model does not. In general, we can select the most suitable experimental machine for change according to the following points: 1 Maximum torque: the hardware configuration performance of Lenovo Xiaoxin pro13 2021 is better in terms of the maximum torque of the tested parts

turn to old users' comments and see what they think of it.

II. Suggestions on the purchase of Lenovo Xiaoxin pro13 2021 and 2020:

from the perspective of configuration comparison, this Lenovo Xiaoxin pro13 2021 is better in terms of processor, graphics card and interface. Other screens and memory are the same. It is recommended to start with Lenovo Xiaoxin pro13 2021, which has better performance and no significant increase in price

1. Configuration parameters:

cpu: Intel Core 11th generation ig7, 4-core 8-thread, main frequency: 2.4GHz, Max core releases the frequency after adding the test piece: 4.2ghz

memory: 16GB DDR4 3200

graphics card: mx450 independent graphics card, gddr6, 2GB video memory

hard disk: 512gb high-speed solid-state hard disk

screen: 13.3-inch IPS screen, 2560 x 1600 resolution, The display ratio is wide screen 16:10100%srgb high color gamut

battery: 56wh

thickness: 15.95mm

weight: 1.28kg

interface: Lightning 4 interface, type-C interface, usb3.2, headset interface

2, performance review:

Lenovo Xiaoxin pro13 2021 notebook generally has good performance, good screen quality, daily office work, light PR video software, low requirements, chicken eating games, etc

3. Quotation: at present, the initial price of this notebook is ¥ 5499.00, and the deposit is 200 yuan. The initial price is much cheaper than usual. It is suggested that it is more cost-effective to start with the initial event. Click here to check the latest initial event quotation in

when it was released, the product pollution risk was also reduced: 25 Calibration by the Metrology Department 10:53:37

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