The use of the hottest UAV is strictly regulated

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The use of UAVs is strictly regulated

the use of UAVs is strictly regulated

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the Ministry of housing and land issued a tender yesterday, requiring the purchase of UAVs for terrain research. It follows in the footsteps of other government departments

UAV has become a necessary tool for shooting. Departments will not be excluded. The investigation department yesterday launched a tender for the housing and Lands Department to purchase large domestic experimental machine manufacturers to cover photogrammetric mapping UAVs. It will be used for terrain research, etc. Stakeholders must submit proposals by February 27

last year, the Ministry of public infrastructure launched a tender to purchase three UAVs. Three bidders responded to this. Facts have proved that these proposals are currently being studied by the bid evaluation committee of the Ministry

these UAVs will be used in the flow modeling unit. Last year, the traffic management and road safety class was created for the ongoing projects, especially the monitoring of subway road construction and construction site express. The goal is also to ensure the smooth operation of the transportation system and seek to improve the mobility of traffic. Engineers will use drones to carry out new road works, because global vision will make it possible to better study the terrain. In order to make this unit work, the employees have been trained

the result of Mao's test at this time is accurate. The Customs Department of the tax bureau of Richards has also started a demonstration project in which eelcee company and a car providing door modules can drive this kind of graphene material like sunlight. It not only hopes to strengthen the fight against drug trafficking, but also hopes to strengthen maritime surveillance by purchasing two high-definition infrared UAVs. We can monitor what happens on land, at sea and in the air through drones, customs director vivekanand ramburrun explained at the press conference on international customs day last year. Pravind jugnauth said in his speech that the UAV launch is part of the project to strengthen our borders and combat drug trafficking and smuggling

arrest a thief

another service using drones is the police. On 23 January, a thief from St Hilaire was arrested, including aerial images provided by a drone piloted by a police officer. Similarly, the use of these devices is common in Mauritius. However, it must be remembered that on june3,2016, the government revised the regulations on the use of UAVs in the skies of Mauritius

the new regulations suggest that under no circumstances should the use of these devices endanger the lives of others or even destroy objects. It is also prohibited to operate any UAV without ensuring flight safety. The operation shall be kept within the field of vision of the personnel guiding the aircraft to avoid collision with other aircraft, personnel and other structures

for flight altitude, the maximum setting is 400 feet, 121 meters above the ground. Only with the approval of the director of civil aviation can they be examined. In addition, the green light of the air traffic control unit must be obtained before the UAV is used around the airport during flight time

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