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There are tens of thousands of tree species in the world. They also have their own characteristics and are suitable for different occasions. Today, I want to introduce you the furniture made of Catalpa. Catalpa grows in extremely cold regions such as northeast China and Russia. It is a deciduous tree and is an excellent wooden material. Is catalpa furniture good? How to distinguish the quality of Catalpa furniture

is Catalpa wood furniture good


1. From the appearance, it is not different, nor does it have the dramatic mountain pattern of beech, nor the golden color of teak, nor the zigzag texture of old elm, but Catalpa wood has an elegant taste. The plain and light texture is like flowing clouds and flowing water, which is clearly and evenly distributed, with few nodules and plain, which is very consistent with the pastoral style

2. It belongs to hard miscellaneous wood. The wood has moderate spatial density, outstanding flexibility, good processing performance, and is not easy to crack and deform, with high wear resistance


1. The furniture made of it is made of whole wood, so the hardness is certainly not as good as iron and high-end resin products. Therefore, it is not allowed to collide with hard objects in use. If there are bumps, the later repair is more troublesome

2. Because the distribution of brown eyes on the surface of wood is relatively bland, and the color is dim and the quality is soft, the wood is not easy to dry, which has a little impact on the later processing. In addition, the price of Catalpa furniture is also relatively expensive

how to distinguish the quality of Catalpa wood furniture

1. Observe the quality of wood

because it is a wood product, the quality of wood is certainly the most critical, so the first thing to distinguish the quality of finished products is to observe the quality of wood. You can open the cabinet door and drawer to observe whether the wood is dry and white, and whether its texture is tight and delicate, and there should be no pungent smell. It is also necessary to carefully observe the stressed parts, such as the column and the bearing bar near the ground between the connecting columns. There should be no large knots, cracks or cracks. The furniture should be firmly structured, and the frame should be free of looseness, tenon breakage and material breakage

2. Observe the strength of the board surface

the specific method of checking this index is to press the board surface with your fingers and feel its firmness. Generally speaking, the other side of the board should be fixed with a well shaped fixed frame, so that people will not feel empty and unstable, and vibrate greatly. In addition, it also depends on whether the switches of cabinet doors and drawers are flexible, whether the color is similar to that of the complete set of products, and the surface paint film shall not appear wrinkled, sticky and paint leakage

3. Check the slide way and latch of the drawer

the drawer is often pulled, so in addition to being flexible, it should also be solid and reliable. Generally speaking, the interior should be nailed with tightening screws, and the drawer, movable desktop, cabinet door and other parts can be opened to ensure that it can be used freely and connected correctly

summary: the above is whether the catalpa furniture that Xiaobian brought to you today is good. I believe friends also have a certain understanding. You can refer to the advantages and disadvantages of Catalpa furniture. I hope this article is helpful to you





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